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Kevorkian - A definite favourite of ours, a very powerful Indica/Sativa cross (70% Indica/30% Sativa) which produces big resinous buds and a healthy yield. This lady has been known to leave many a man begging on his knees for mercy.

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Pure Light - A very pure strain of Northern Lights, one that grows fast and produces a very high yield. A compact plant with lots of resin, this one is for serious growers and beginners alike. Produces a superb long lasting high

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Super Afghani - is a great Afghani #1/SuperSkunk cross. Expect a bushy plant with plenty of strong aroma and big yields. A very pleasant smoke with a strong up high.

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Big Buddha - A heavyweight indeed! Don't be fooled by any peaceful appearances, this mystical figure packs a real punch. A hybrid of several top varieties, this plant is a firm favourite with us. The plants have a minimum of leaves and produce a large resin covered yield. High THC levels mean you could be on the road to enlightenment in no time.

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Skunk Star is one of our most popular varieties. Growers always come back for it's consistency and big yields. The plants have a high calyx to leaf ratio and are very easy to manicure. They produce a soft smoke and intoxicating high. Perfect for beginners.

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Agent Blue - This secretive lady is one our newer varieties. In hushed tones we hear rumours of her being a tall, large producer with lots of resin. Reports have come in that she has overwhelmed many an advisory with the strength of her THC. A must for the serious grower.

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Far Out - A fine Northern Lights/Haze hybrid which produces a really "far out" high. Expect huge yields and long, heavy buds from this beauty. Flowering times are slightly longer than other varieties but this is easily compensated by the higher yields. We highly recommend this one.


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Sweet Thai - A real sweet beauty! Our newest variety just released from our breeders and ready for you. Sweet Thai works in and outdoors, it's not a compact plant so a good sized grow area is needed if growing indoors. Sweet Thai is mainly a sativa and with a touch of skunk added. A good yielder, it takes around 10 weeks indoors and finishes at the beginning of Oct outdoors. Its the fresh new addition to the Worldwide range....Enjoy!!



XXXxtra Super Skunk - You really need to check this one out. Our breeders have surpassed themselves with this high quality, excellent yielding, full on commercial skunk. It's an absolute must for the serious grower. Do you like the Chronic? Dig the Northern Lights?..... Well this one's for you. Expect full thick buds oozing with THC. The XXXtra Skunk is a compact indoor variety that finishes in around 8 weeks, it produces a wonderful skunky odour and as varieties of marijuana seeds go, its a real winner. An extremely stable skunk has been crossed with a super yielding new variety to produce skunk seeds that break new ground.


Bred out of the White Widow family, White Gold is an indica/sativa mix that produces buds totally frosted with THC. Its ancestors have a reputation unsurpassed in growing. White Gold is a mainly indoor variety but will work in the greenhouse or even outdoors. Finishing time is around 7 weeks on this one, so you won't have to wait too long to experience the quality, long lasting cerebral high it gives. White Gold is definetly for the connoisseur.