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Williams Wonder is an original (Super Sativa Seed Club) seed stock developed for northern climates. It does not flower under a vegetative light cycle of 18/6.

Ruderalis Hybrids tend to show this trait. Super Sativa Seed Club experimented with ruderalis but concluded that it had little value when breeding for high cannabinoid levels. WW most likely originated from early import pot from afghan seed. Selective breeding and climatization led to the growers goals of a super potent and early maturing variety. Not all shipments of import Afghanica pot were of early maturation, or of quality for that matter, and some of that pot was seeded by local feral patches. Some of the varieties now being grown from seed from imported Afghanica were in fact F1 hybrids contaminated with ruderalis and nepalize sativa type hemp plants.

Williams Wonder parent stock is very homogenous and probably originated from selective breeding done for thousands of years in a high mountain valley isolated from the main cross-contaminated Afghani (and highly variable) gene pool.

Approximately 60-65 days of flowering under 1000w lights to finish. Williams Wonder, is described as a special indica hybrid, that is short and squat in stature. It can not be flowered outdoors unless flowering is induced inside first. This indica hybrid was selected solely for indoor growing. 
This short and squat strain packs a pronounced euphoric buzz that is felt mostly in the head.

" It's excellent herb with a lubricated definitive tasty finish. Incredible high, Absolutely Amazing. " A connoisseur's private stash!

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