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Norm Seifken - THCseeds - Commercial and Medical quality marijuana seeds

Message from Norm of THC Marijuana Seeds

 "As a medical marijuana patient I know that marijuana is not just for fun- this is truly a life-saving business. It is no wonder THCseeds is Canada's fastest growing seed company. From day one this company has been all about breeding the finest genetics in the cannabis seed industry. Our seed strains are hybrids of the most potent varieties from B.C. and around the world. ------ God created the marijuana seed for people to enjoy, and we all have a god-given right to grow it. Don't let any government take your right away. ------ I want to bring prices down to the lowest possible level, while maintaining enough "profit" to fund more rallies, activism, and medical marijuana projects than ever before."




Description: THIS PLANT IS SPECTACULAR. ----- SUPER SATIVA PLUS delivers a fast-acting narcotic high. ------ A pleasant perfumey/mint-like fragrance- NO skunk-smell here. ---- We crossed choice female HAWAIIAN SATIVA mother plants with select pollen from the biggest THC Seeds BC BIKER BUD males. Several amateur growers were give free seeds to try. Pics are available in our MEDIA GALLERY(Click the button top-right). -----The staiva is strongly expressed in the pointy leaves and tall nature of these plants, but the fat crystally buds show the BC BIKER BUD. We have tested several sativa crosses previously, but this is the first strain worthy of the THC Seeds Trademark. For tall INDOOR growspaces only. Average height 5 feet. These keep growing in bud cycle. Have stakes ready to support these fat colas. 7-8 weeks flower cycle. Harvest 4-6 ounces in a 3 gallon pot.


WHITE CRYSTAL(White Lightning x Super Crystal): Indoor

Description: 80% Indica. A sensational cross between White Lightning and Super Crystal. Heavy Indica stone with a creeper high. A Low compact plant. Incredible Perfume Fragrance. All plants have guaranteed high yields. Sometimes branches collapse under the weight of the buds so have some stakes ready. A Cash cropper's delight. The mature plant produces a fruity and floral mix of aroma and taste that is very sweet. This produces a very active "cerebral high" Height: 3 feet is tyoical. 7-8 weeks flower time. This works best indoors, but has been grown outdoors as well. Some plants have a soft pink tone. This may be from accidental (but cool) cross pollination with BC Blue.


AK-47 x Mighty Mite : CHEAP but GOOD !!!

Description: Mostly Indica. Indoor/Outdoor - Very bushy plant that makes great clones. Amazing stone and very frosty nugs. A great plant for a tight budget. LOTS of medium size buds. Harvest outdoors:End of September. Allow 7-8 weeks flowering time indoors. YIELD: 2-4 oz. in a 3 gallon pot. This talented breeder gives us Excellent seeds at an Excellent Price, and we pass the awesome deal on to our customers


Cotton Candy : Indoor/Outdoor (THC SEEDS)

Description: EXCELLENT PRICE-GREAT DEAL Mostly Indica. The Cotton Candy mama was a beautiful example of an old Island strain that comes out of Afghani and Blueberry seedlines. Long and fluffy to start but thick and sweet with a pinkish hue after 8 weeks. Odiferous flowers with intense resin production, this plant has a deep green colour on upper leaf surfaces, but the underside of the leaves are light green at first, becoming almost white with crystal at maturity. Recommended by my carny friend "Resin Rene". Height 7 feet Flowering time 8 wks. Veg 1 wk for sea of green. Yield 9oz full size. 1-2 oz in a 2 gal. pot. Harvest outdoor Oct 14



Description: Mostly Indica. This is one of the earliest outdoor strains anywhere. VERY POTENT, medium yield, with a hashy taste and aroma coniseurs will appreciate. These compact plants will tend to grow to one main stem. Lots of sugary crystals! An ideal choice for your balcony. -Height:1.5m -Yield 1/2 pound when grown in the ground. 1/4 pound in a 5 gallon pot-Harvest outdoor mid-September. -Excellent mold resistance. Start plants indoors, and move outside when they are 6-8 inches tall. Works great indoors also!


Hash Plant : Indoor/Outdoor 10 seeds

Description: Indica. One of the most famous cutting from the Northwest USA. This cross of 25% NL#1 x 75% Hash Plant produces a hash tasting, highly resinous plant. It's easy to clone, has a very fast finish and a pleasant "narcotic" high. Height 100-130 cm. Flowering time 6 to 7 weeks. Yield 90-120 gr.



Fourway : Indoor 10 seeds (THC SEEDS)

Description: Mostly Indica. This is a 4-way hybrid of our best indoor strains. Although somewhat variable in growth pattern, all plants were fast flowering and of very high quality. The seedlings tested from this hybrid had some of the sweetest, most balanced tastes and highs that we have yet produced Height 100-150cm. Flowering time 7 to 9 weeks. Yield up to 100 gr.(3 gallon pot) 1/2 LB+ in a 5 gallon pot



CHEMO X BC BIG BUD :(formerly 5-0) Indoor / Outdoor

Description: formerly "5-0" / 99% Indica. This hybrid between the legendary CHEMO and our resiny BC BIG BUD Indica has made many indoor growers very happy. The plants are medium height, extremely vigorous and high yielding. A very easy to grow variety with superior indoor performance and top commercial possibilites,. -BEAUTIFUL SUGARY BUDS - Grown by many commercial growers in B.C. and abroad. Lovely tropical scent and really nice buzz. Height 4 to 5 feet. Flowering time 55 to 60 days. Yield up to 1/2 pound in a 5 gallon pot.


AMSTERDAM BUBBLEGUM(formerly BubbleFunk) : Indoor/Outdoor

Description: - (formerly BubbleFunk)-Mostly Indica. Bubbleberry hybrid males crossed with a CouchlockAfghani Females produced this award winning plant. This plant that has a Bubblegum taste and smell along with a better yield and shorter flowering time from the CouchlockAfghani. Expect some variation flowering time,height). A highly feminized strain- These seeds are 80%+ female!!!! . ht 2.5 to 3.5 feet Flowering time six weeks. Yield: 1/4 - 1/2 pound in a 5 gallon pot. NOTE:This strain forms buds VERY quickly. You can pinch a 1/2 formed bud after 3 weeks and get an awesome stone! Harvest Outdoors late September.


B.C. BIKER BUD.....Indoor/Outdoor - ( 10 seeds )

Description: If you ever smoked some genuine "BC Bud" it was probably this strain Our most popular commercial seed is now available to the public. BC BIKER BUD produces a pleasantly euphoric high, and is very long lasting. Medium to large calyxes. BC BIKER BUD has a long shelf life and exceptional mold resistance, even in storage. A SUPER DEAL: Other seed companies sell equivalent strains for $250-$350 a pack. A stabilized hybrid, inbred since 1990. A 3-way cross of Afghani, Northern Lights, and White Widow seedlines. Extremely resinous, including sticky leaves. Flowering: 40-50 days ~ Yield: 6 OZ. in a 5 gallon pot. -Harvest Outdoor first week of October. FAST:Some growers of this strain report doing large crops from start to finish in 8 WEEKS ! 7-10 days veg cycle and then switch to bud cycle. However, for maximum yield you must veg for at least 4 to 5 weeks.


COUCHLOCK X AFGHANI: Indoor / Outdoor 10 seeds

Description: Another THCseeds exclusive. A VERY Heavy-Hitting Indica witha long-lasting stone. Medical users are our biggest buyers. A toke or two goes a long way. Afghani seedlines crossed with two different couchlock strains Couchlock x Afghani is an almost pure Indica strain with a legendary stone. "Wheelchair-weed." Perfect for a day when you don't plan to get anything accomplished. Short stocky bushes and quick flowering make this an excellent strain for "sea of green" or small grow spaces. . Mould-resistant and easy to grow. A high-potency Hybrid. Height 2 to 3 feet Flowering time 45-50 days Yield: minimum 1/4 Lb per plant in a 3 gallon pot.