Testing Marijuana

Testing marijuana allows you to trust and verify what you put in your mind and body. Get your marijuana genetic profile tested. Identify the chemical composition of your weed. Great for labelling products. Superb for following the growth progress and maturity of your plants. Learn to find the right marijuana for your recreational feelings and medical ailments. Our new testing process will accurately identify THC, CBD, and other cannbinoids and terpenes. The test will also tell you what other strains of marijuana match the test profile.

Identify the important chemicals in your marijuana. Start learning how to relate them to how you feel. Find the marijuana chemical profile that works for you. If you market dry cannabis you can safely identify and label your products. Growers can follow the progress of their maturing marijuana. Medical consumers can track their dosage.

Simply send in a very small 0.25 gram sample of your dry marijuana, we test it and immediately send you the results via email or text message the very same day.

Examples of Testing Marijuana Results

Spanish Northern Lights Marijuana

Spanish Northern Lights

Total THC 24.23%
Total CBD 1.05%
Total CBN 0.07%

Humulene 1.16 mg/g
Terpinene 0.03 mg/g
Terpinolene 0.75 mg/g
Nerolidol-1 0.14 mg/g
P-Cymene 0.04 mg/g
cis-Ocimene 0.43 mg/g
Camphene 0.02 mg/g
Limonene 0.12 mg/g
Myrcene 0.15 mg/g
beta-Pinene 0.22 mg/g
alpha-Pinene 0.11 mg/g
Geraniol 1.09 mg/g
beta-Caryophyllene 0.31 mg/g

Van Isle CBD

Van Isle CBD

Total THC 3.6%
Total CBD 9.32%
Total CBN 0.07%

Humulene 0.60 mg/g
Nerolidol-1 0.21mg/g
P-Cymene 0.02 mg/g
Myrcene 0.10 mg/g
alpha-Pinene 0.33 mg/g
Geraniol 1.81 mg/g
beta-Caryophyllene 0.87 mg/g

Sending In Marijuana Test Samples

Contact for information to begin the testing process.