Smart Pot Fabric Container Review

Smart Pots

Our Smart Pot Fabric Container review is courtesy of the good people of Smart Pots whom we met at the Vancouver Grow Event in 2016. Growing plants in the Smart Pot aeration containers helps develop better root structure. Thicker roots means higher yields, faster growth. They’re made of 100% organic material so nothing harmful leaches into the soil medium.

Double the root mass means higher volume. When the roots reach the side of the fabric root pruning takes place. They will stop at the fabric and begin lateral branching. Roots in plastic containers simply circle around creating issues.  Smart Pot containers stay cooler because air circulates all around the fabric. Temperatures inside plastic pots can reach 120 degrees.

Smart Pots aeration.

Plastic containers hold excess water. Smart Pots allow excess water to escape. Water is distributed evenly. Even water distribution and good drainage results in no more root rot. Healthier plants produce higher yields.

Smart Pot fabric container review.

Smart Pot Fabric Container Review Summary

Smart Pots are better than traditional containers. A higher performance product that creates a superb root system, allows superb temperature control, no over watering, washable, reusable, and creates a better overall healthier higher yielding plant. Our Marijuana Genetics Family has been exclusively using the same Smart Pot Fabric Containers for two years with overwhelming results. The family recommends the technology for all growers.