General Hydroponics Nutrients Review

General Hydroponics

Our General Hydroponics Nutrients review is courtesy of our fine friends from Progressive Growth Hydroponics where they carry the best new technological advancements in growing marijuana. Sifting through the enormous amount of marijuana nutrients on the market can be daunting. Our family has been concentrating on nutrient companies for over 5 years now. The best to date is the General Hydroponics Nutrients line of products. A complete nutrient course for all gardens. Our family found GH to work great in soil or hydroponic applications.

The first noticable detail is the way GH marijuana nutrients dissolve completely in water. Even after leaving GH mixed in water for days the solution remained dissolved. Other nutrient lines seem to build up a nasty sludge. Being very soluable means easier plant absorption for more robust plants. You’ll enjoy quicker flushing at the end of the flowering cycle.

General Hydroponics Nutrients review reveals you can max out the feeding chart. Other nutrient lines tend to produce burnt leaves while the GH products have not. One family member tried to over max a strain of Head Cheese which took the pounding and produced super fat colas. It’s recommended you stay within feeding guidelines for the absolute best results.

General Hydroponics Nutrients Review

General Hydroponics Nutrients Review Summary

I personally love the way General Hydroponics does not throw numerous products at you. Some nutrient companies can show you over ten products to combine. The Marijuana Genetics Family recommends the General Hydroponics line of nutrients for all gardens. The proof is in the final result.