Boundless Vaporizers Review

Our Boundless Vaporizers review is courtesy of the good people at Boundless Technology. The CFX and CF vaporizer models are excellent dry herb units. They possess super fat heat up times of 20 seconds or less. The oven chamber is sized to hold enough dry herb for more than one person. The draw weight is comfortable through the fully isolated air path. No heat issues on the lips. Have as many sessions in a row as your heart desires.

The battery lasts at least 20 three minute sessions. Charging time is around an hour. The engine is a powerful 80 watts. More than enough power to vaporizer any strain of cannabis.

It’s summer right now and there’s a smoking/fire ban outside. But you can still vaporize.

Boundless Vaporizers Review

Boundless Vaporizers Review Summary

Excellent overall rating recommends the Boundless Vaporizer Technology for any vape head. I personally have kept the two vaporizers for over 18 months and they still perform admirably. They are used every single day without fail. It’s hard to find a vape worth the money. Thank you Boundless Technology.