Jazz Bud premier craft genetics grown from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Offering artisinal medical marijuana products not available anywhere else. We love the level of sophistication spent on details. A professional presentation leaves a feeling of contentment with their quality. You can feel their social energy. They separate themselves from “big growers”. Very similar to the beer industry with the rise of craft beers. Craft is better.

Enjoy an exquisite line of medical marijuana products from local crafters of the trade. Jazz Bud offers edibles, tinctures, sativa, indica, concentrates, hash, buds and more. There’s a constant turn over meaning a constant fresh inventory selection.

Green Crack

Canadians are lucky enough to have a kynde postal system. Delivery right to your mail box is safe and sound.

Our review favorite is the Green Crack – Jazz Bud Sativa. Our medical friends in Victoria savor the strain. Reviews are all positive. Distinct green crack taste. Well worth any price. Green Crack has been a Vancouver Island staple strain for decades.

Our #1 recommendation is to order any of the cookies. Jazz Bud artisan bakers are superb.