Barb's Island Terp

Barb’s Island Terp – Barb’s Island Terp craft grown marijuana strain sparkles like the vastness of creation. The sparkles speak to you. A frenzy overtakes the mind. A simple touch starts a flow of complex terpenes.  An effervescent smell goes through the nostrils right to the taste buds. Two wonderful senses explode at the same time. Be aware once you actually taste Barb’s Island Terp. The love is addicting. The brain can’t get enough.

My name is Barb. I’ve been growing since the 1980’s. I’ve seen the quality of marijuana increase dramatically. I’ve experienced over 30 years of growing technology changes. I’m intrigued how science has embraced growing marijuana. I utilize every part of the plant.

Island Terp micro photo of THC glands.

My craft grown marijuana was born of sativa family genetics producing massive amounts of trichromes. Micro trichrome photographs reveals a sparkling forest of THC trees. It’s an honor and a pleasure to watch, smell, taste the terpenes develop over the last two weeks of flowering and final curing stages. Instant buzz straight to the brain. Nothing creeper about this medicine. Superb strain for producing high quality marijuana extracts. A 20% return on a 5″ x 5″ Rosin Press with dual element heating.

Barb’s Island Terp Grow Advice

  1. After the growth stage B.I.T. stretches another 1/2 to 2/3 taller during entire flowering stage. Prepare for the height stretch if setting grow stage of 3 weeks or more.
  2. Bud size really take off during last two weeks of flowering. Watch for bending stalks as flower tops get weightier. Stalks are hollow to facilitate faster plant nutrient flow from root to flower top.
  3. Doesn’t mind being topped to create bush effect. Stress was not a factor.
  4. Indoor flower stage takes 8 weeks.
  5. Prepare for wonderful aromas during harvesting.
  6. Cures to very high percentage THC levels.

Island Terp rosin ready for consumption.

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