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Neville's Haze Origin: Holland. Almost pure Haze with just a hint of Indica (Northern Lights).

The most potent variety of its kind on or off the market. Not recommended for inexperienced smokers, too trippy, too profound. Indoors: should be started under 12 hours of light. The earliest will finish in 14 weeks (25%). Those that take much longer than this are usually discarded as not practical. Outdoor: should be grown in the tropics and started just before the onset of autumn. Yields are surprisingly good, the longer flowering time is usually compensated with extra large yields, both in & outdoors. Not for the novice smoker or grower.

Great White Shark Origin: Holland. The original white shark is crossed with : skunk nr 1. The buds are big and sticky with a nice sativa high. Not realy high yielding but a very strong smoke tiny skinny leaves. Mostly sativa.

AK 47 Origin: Holland. The AK 47 is a famous Afghani hybrid that was collected in the early 70's. The yield is not that extreme but the potency is excellent. The AK 47 can blow you away!A very potent 50% Indica/50% Sativa cross nicknamed The Killer! Aromatic, sweet tasting producing an incredible debilitating high. Excellent indoor and hydroponic results. This is a truly militant strain! Expect severe cerebral damage. Takes no prisoners! Highly recommended. An absolute must! AK-47 as the name implies will blow you away. Peaceful people that we are, we wanted to convey in a sentence the power of this plant, "A real one hit wonder". The short flowering time and hard compact buds that ooze glistening trichomes are a delicacy to the proud farmer. An Indica/Sativa bred with powerful effect and sweet smell in mind.

White Rhino Origin :Holland. Somewhat a mystery strain. Suffice to say it has 60% Indica to 40% Sativa ratios expressed with a definite freak in it's family.