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True North Seedbank

Quebec Seed Bank marijuana seeds of Canada.

Afghani - Our first Afghan is from the first generation of this variety. You can recognize it by its big and dark Indica leaves and its strong aroma, strurdy stems and high yield. A first choice for Indica experts. Afghani#1 was the second place winner in the High Times Harvest Fest �94 in the category. A must for outdoor producers. Produce extremely well in Quebec.

Big Freeze (Big Bud#1 - Freeze Land) - This plant from Quebec and each good producer know this variety in the Mont�regie. An absolute must for beginners or experts. Expect big yield from this one, with an extremely rich sweet aroma.

Big Qu� Bud (Quebec) - One of our most popular variety. A plant for professional cash croppers. Even experimented growers continue to be amazed and come back to fill their gardens with these heavy ladies. It is advisable to tie up the bottom branches as they have a tendency to break due to their excessive weight.

Big Rooster - The best genitor for the year 1998. A must for every good producer. A plant that gave a lot of possibilities and good result in cloning. A classic from Sensi Big Bud and Red Rooster. Expect big yields from this one, with an exceptionally rich sweet aroma.

Big Sensi Skunk - Big Sensi Skunk was sent to Quebec from Amsterdam from Pure Sensi Skunk and Big Bud. That gave a though plant with solid top and strong taste and aroma. An absolute must for good �connoisseurs�. You can almost throw those scissors away as very little manicure is required. If this wasn�t enough, this hybrid also works superbly outdoors as well.

Black & White - This full blooded Indica with large bracts, will soon have you on your knees and begging for more. This harsh overpowering lady simply gushes sticky resin to which most men seem to have a fatal attraction. A word of warning: this powerful compact Indica had a devastating effect on many, leaving them whipped with a strange smile� A must for evey true connoisseur

Bubble-K (Hybrid Bubble Gum and Green Spirit) - One of the nicest outdoor producer genitor. For 2 years it classified at the top, here, in Quebec. If you know the Bubble Gum you�ll be pleased by the Bubble K. This is a tough and nice plant. This is a mix between good taste, dynamic color and strong aroma

Domestic Jack Herer - A mix of Juicy Fruit and Jack Herer. Extremely sticky with a fruity taste that should please everyone. It has many qualities from both genetic Indica and Sativa. A rich aroma and cristalized buds. This variety produces so much resin that even the leaves bristle with stalked glands.

Donkey Dick (Hybrid Coastal Mountain H. Plant) - Donkey Dick is one of the nicest genitors from the North Coast of the USA. Loved for its good taste and sticky touch with good results indoor. This mix particularly stands up like French bread.

Winner of the PUF 1997 in Quebec

Durban Skunk

A genetic with very good results for outdoor grower. A pure mix between Durban Poison and Skunk #1. It produce a plant very branched with tick heavy buds. By its bloom you see its Durban colours and his long lasting narcotic high. Very good results.

Dutch Treat - The Dutch Treat is a genetic Indica from Amsterdam brought to British Colombia and mixed with Mighty Mite. It�s a rewarding plant for small plant growers. It takes three months to grow and places as one of the fastest flowering plants from seed. You�ve never seen a winner like it!

Freeze Land - The famous and most appreciated genetic in Quebec. The first choice of every smoker or producer. This plant has a very big yield outdoor. We recommend it for beginners as well producers. A must for the Indica connoisseur.

Green Spirit (Hybrid Skunk #1 and Big Bud) - Green Spirit is a hybrid of Big Bud and Skunk #1 (that was first made by Dutch Passion Holland). Improved for indoor growing she became one of the best genitors (1997). Excellent Hybrid vigour and yield makes this choice a snap to grow. A good spirit for all growth chamber use. The taste is similar to Skunk#1. An absolute must for beginners or experts

Indian Light - This is a triple mix between Early Pearl, AK-47 and Northern Lights #5. This variety is produced in Quebec and was the subject of the Oka crisis. The seeds tested from this hybrid had some of the sweetest, most balanced taste and high that we have yet produced. You will definitely like this hybrid. A real champion.

Jack Kush - Here is finally a easy grow Jack Herer hybrid that is already a classic for outdoor experts in Quebec. This hybrid is the result of a breading with Kush and Jack Herer (male). Excellent outdoor variety for crops from seeds, very mild for an Indica

Magic Crystal

One of our best indoor genetic. White Widow and our special California Orange give a strong and fruity plant. This succulent blend is truly magical. Will produce a short plant with a huge yield, you will love the fat pungent buds. One of the best for every good �connoisseur.� A very little manicure is required.

Master Kush - A F1 cross between two different Hindu-Kush strains. Yield is high, excellent taste and strong aroma. One of our favorites. Turns �purpleish� when flowering. An absolute must for experts or beginners. A must for Kush connoisseur

Northern Berry - One of the best in Amsterdam for the year of 1998. This is a mix between a Northern Lights#5 female and a Blue Berry male. It�s a new variety served in the different Amsterdam coffee shops

Northern Bubble - Finally a good hybrid from Northern Lights#5 that gave a very good harvest in Quebec. This easy to grow plant is now a classic for every smoker. It�s recommended to select the mid-long flowering plants to obtain a more refined quality and best results

Northern Lights 5 X 2 - This Hybrid is a mix between the champion Northern Lights #5 and the Northern Lights #2. This hybrid tickles the indoor growers. The plant is short, stocky, vigorous and high yielding. Truly one of the best all-around indoor plants in our collection. Very sweet berry taste with abundant resin and great high

Purple Star - Purple Star is easy to grow, very resistant even during the worst season. It�s one of our best for the year 1997. It is wonderfully sweet and resinous. This one is a 100% Indica becomes purple from the name ***SENS and get you to the sky when smokes. A very good choice for experts and producers

Qu� Hash Plant - After we tasted that plant, we decided to give her the place she deserves. This one is a good genitor for all good producers. You can be sure to have a fast indoor flowering, sticky buds and a good harvest. Very abundant and vigourous

Quetiva (Hybrid Africani with Juicy Fruit) - A great performance plant either indoors or outdoors. Two Sativa are the parents of this mix. Easy produced in Quebec, it produces resistant tops rich in resin with a sweet aroma. A must for all Sativa �connoisseur.�

Red-Bec (Indica) - This kind of Indica is very interesting! From Afghanistan via British Colombia she�s now here in Quebec. The result is a potent variety with a fresh aroma and very high yield. An excellent choice for Indica lovers. A feast for experts.

Red Fruity (Hybrid Red Bec #1 - Juicy Fruit) - One of the best outdoor growing in Quebec, this plant looks like a Christmas tree. Very tough, grows indoor and outdoor. Red Fruity is very resistant to mold, even during the worst season. Magical.

Skunk #1 - Inbred in Holland for over 15 years. Winner of the first ever Cannabis Cup. One of the most stabilized hybrid, 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. This plant has big, long flower clusters that can be lime-green to golden at harvest. Looks and tastes �Skunky� with very sweet smell. A full and satisfying taste, very strong and fairly good yield

Stinky Hash (Hybrid Skunk#1 - H. Plant F1 Hybrid) - This plant was made from a mix between Sativa and Indica, actually one of the fastest grow plant for the outdoor culture. An absolute must for beginners or experts. Known in British Colombia by the name Coastal Mountain H. Plant. In the family of Pure Hash Plant (G-13 The Highest Plant Testing THC).

Super Afghan - This Afghan has a strong Indica taste that should surprise a lot of smokers. A very good harvest plant with a good potential. Characteristics are the big dark Indica leaves with strong aroma, sturdy stems and high yield. A must for Indica �connoisseurs.� Works superbly outdoors.

Super Christ (Hybrid Juicy Fruit - Durban Poison) - A pure mix of Indica and Sativa with a spectral quality stemming from the tops. Very potent, medium yield, with a hashy taste and aroma. These compact plants will tend to grow to one main stem. A perfect choice for your balcony.

Super Kush - Super Kush was developed for the Kush amateur. It represents a particularly tough growth it also has an excellent flavour and good high, very mild for an Indica. Brought to Quebec from Amsterdam by fine �connoisseur�.

Super Skunk - This plant is especially developed for Skunk lovers. We have crossed our best Skunks to their Afghani ancestors. Brush against this plant and the room becomes immediately filled with a powerful Skunk aroma. It has won the 1990 High Times Harvest Festival leaving Skunk way behind.

Sweet Skunk - One of our best hybrid. It�s a mix between Skunk#1 and Northern Lights. It�s a good outdoor plant, adapted to Quebec climate faster growth two weeks better as other Skunk hybrid. Fruity taste and dynamic high. This is a must for every producers or smokers

Free Tibet - One of our best hybrid. It�s a mix between Skunk#1 and Northern Lights. It�s a good outdoor plant, adapted to Quebec climate faster growth two weeks better as other Skunk hybrid. Fruity taste and dynamic high. This is a must for every producers or smokers

Thai Experience - One of our best hybrid. It�s a mix between Skunk#1 and Northern Lights. It�s a good outdoor plant, adapted to Quebec climate faster growth two weeks better as other Skunk hybrid. Fruity taste and dynamic high. This is a must for every producers or smokers.