Aurora Nuglaces

Aurora Nuglaces are marijuana buds solidified, beautified and mounted on a necklace hoop. Get your favorite buds immortalized forever. The creator/inventor named Aurora has found a proprietary method. The flower tops are hardened with a clear patented substance known only to Aurora. She puts love into each nuglace. Surprise the marijuana lover in your life and get yours today.

Aurora Nuglaces

Vegan White Lighting Nuglace

Happy nuglace owner.

My nuglace pictured above is a vegan grown White Lighting strain of marijuana. I got mine at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup in Cowichan. Aurora is a wonderful person who creates works of art. My nuglace is sturdy enough to stay together even after I forget to take it off to sleep. Everyone stops to stare and says, “That’s beautiful, where do I get my own nuglace?”.

Contact Aurora directly by text 250-885-7842 or by email