Marijuana Consultants for hire.

Our spirited team of marijuana consultants for hire can help anyone in the marijuana market place. Maybe you’d like to be become a marijuana consultant in your area. The contact form is below.

Let’s meet a few of our family of marijuana consultants for hire.

Barb and Dan are spiritual people, medical consumers, and expert growers. They’ve been reviewing 420 products since 2003. Cannabis seed producers since 1999. Extract producers of organic rosin. Growing marijuana since the 1970’s has built irreplaceable experience. Their collective love is following modern technology and incorporating spirituality. They get excited going to Cannabis Grow Events. Staying ahead of the growing curve is rewarding. They can continuously talk about marijuana for days on end.

Bud is our most experienced marijuana “builder”. His cannabis resume is intriguing. This man has had a hand building small rooms to large complexes. Bud has helped build numerous large marijuana factories in British Columbia. He can set up your 20,000 square foot grow factory. He can set up a small personal grow room. The man loves his outdoor weed. He’s ready to travel to any business or individual. He’s fantastic at making cannabis extracts with well over 40 years of genuine experience.

Our most experienced grower is known as PHarmer. This gentleman can troubleshoot most any problem. He’ll know what kind of marijuana to grow for your specific ailments.  Helps with any type of marijuana growing conditions. It’s cool how he can simply look at a marijuana leaf and tell you an enormous amount of growth information. His job puts him in a position to answer hundreds of troubleshooting problems on a daily basis. How wonderful to know what’s going to happen before it actually occurs.

Jack is a manager of a hydroponic store. For decades this man has supplied large factories to the single grower with the latest technology. Need to know about nutrients? Curious about new lighting? Up on your lumens per square inch? What nutrient system should you use? It can get intricate. Experience is essential. How nice it is to pick a brain with years of updated experience.

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Our team of experienced marijuana consultants for hire will save you time and money. We love our jobs. How can we help you today? Let’s begin a growing relationship. Contact any time for prompt service and answers.