Tilray marijuana genetics.

We were lucky enough to get a tour of the Tilray marijuana genetics¬†manufacturing facility. Located in beautiful Nanaimo, BC, Canada. This cannabis factory grows some of the most potent marijuana. They take a scientific approach to all aspects of growing. We’ve never seen anyone pay attention to details like they do at Tilray. They do a fantastic job controlling growth, harvest, curing and shipping. You know what your getting. They obtain genetics internationally. They supply marijuana internationally. Register with them to get it delivered to your door.

Tilray offers many incentives to buy marijuana from them. Fair pricing leads the way. Senior discounts are nice. There’s a $50.00 welcome credit for first time buyers. It’s all about making the patient experience a good one.

Tilray Marijuana Genetics Listing

Tilray can have over 25 types of marijuana at any one time. You’ll find traditional indica and sativa. You’ll find beautiful new hybrids. We’ll list our favorites. Please visit their website for a complete¬†listings.

Master Kush seemed to be their most potent marijuana genetics. At the time we were in their vault (2015) we saw a recorded THC percentage over 29%. Today they mark it as 22% to 25%. Percentage of THC is all in how you grow it. A cross between Hindu and Skunk originating from Amsterdam.

Rock Star contains 24%+ THC. A potent indica strain derived from Rockbud and Sensi Star.

Jack Herrer is their highly sought after sativa. Boosting a 21%+ THC volume. Notice it’s the real spelling of the name. Not a knock off.

LSD Lemon Sour Diesel contains over 21% THC. A hybrid strain originating from Holland. A popular strain because of CBD levels.

White Widow marijuana strain has 21%+ THC levels. A cross between A Brazlian sativa landrace and an Indian indica.

Pink Kush is a relative of OG. An indica dominate strain. THC levels of 20%+.

Barbara Bud is a strain originating in BC. Many growers love this strain. A powerful cross of Shiskaberry and Afghan.

Jean Guy is a new strain to us. It’s a phenotype of white widow marijuana. Looked amazing in their grow room. A sea of green genetics.

Warlock CBD is a high CBD strain. Lower in THC. Superb for medicine. Parent strains are Warlock and Cannatonic out of Holland.

Visit the Tilray website to see all their fantastic strains. Don’t be surprised if you see something new.