Home Grown Cannabis

We can help you enter the age of DIY cannabis gardens.

Everyone in Canada will be legally allowed to produce home grown cannabis in 2018. Home grows will save you money. Growing your own cannabis enables quality control. Our decades of experience can help you anticipate the entire process. We help with personal garden design, cost, building, maintenance, harvesting and consumption.

We attend grow events, test and review cannabis grow products to familiarize ourselves with the burgeoning industry. Our unbiased testing can helps you decide what to purchase. If you have the space, we can get you growing.

Desk Top cannabis garden.

Home Grown Cannabis Consumption

After you are done harvesting cannabis we can help you with consumption methods. Vaporizing is popular. Extracts are easy to make. Edibles are a very healthy. We’re here to help.

Our expert gardeners are always available for troubleshooting any grow issues. Some growers call us everyday, we love it.