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True North Seedbank

Canadian Genetics
Afghani #1 X White Widow    Sativa is emphasized, Indica is prominent Buds resemble rock hard nuggets. GREAT ONE!!! Specifications: ~ Flower: 50-60 days ~ Height: 3-5 ft Yield: up to 100-120 gr. Lemon Bud    Lemon bud is a cross of Monster Bud and Lemon Joy. Indoor 45-50 days and outdoor end of September.
Mexican Gold    This authentic world famous Mexican seed strain is found in Mexico's most exotic and remote places. It has been refined through centuries of Mexican growing and smoking cultures. This seed was naturally selected from wild crops and traditional growers with decades of experience. A high germination rate, good female ratio, superior genetics, unique taste and smell. Northern Berry   This state of the art Indica is the result of over 20 years of select inbreeding. Bred for vigorous growth, high yield, and superb high. A must for growers who prefer short bushy plants. The buds have an extremely frosted, resinous appearance and the yield is high.
Northern Lights #5    This state of the art Indica is the result of over 20 years of select inbreeding. Bred for vigorous growth, high yield, and superb high. A must for growers who prefer short bushy plants. The buds have an extremely frosted, resinous appearance and the yield is high. Bazooka    An excellent green variety. Although the breeder will not reveal the genetic makeup, he did stress the Bubblegum! Good results indoor & outdoor. Expect above average yields.
Annapolis Royal    Directly from Nova Scotia this plant is ready 1st or 2nd week of September and it has big dark buds that produce 4 to 6 oz per plant Northern Light Grand Rouge X Bubblegum    Famous Bubble Gum known for taste and smells, ready September 30th in Quebec.

BC Growers Association

Romberry - Is a very vigorous F1 hybrid of the pure Romulan female and a select Blueberry male. The hybrid retained the large sticky and stinky buds of the Romulan. It gained stronger stems and fruity aroma and taste from the Blueberry. Colas should become larger and more frosty than the Romulan buds seen in Aug. 98 High Times. This one is also very easy to clone. Blueberry  - Because of it's genetic stability I prefer to call this a second generation Blueberry rather than an F2. Parents were purchased from Marc Emery in the winter of 1996 and he told me he purchased them from Sagarmatha of Holland. They were described as being "a mostly Indica plant of superior quality. This fast maturing girl produces large, crystallized buds with natural occurring bluish hues. The berry taste is unmistakable and very pleasurable on the palate." This is a bud for those who enjoy quality without being knocked out. Growers should expect some of the seedlings to start out being twisted and variegated as this is a normal trait for this variety. Most seedlings out grow this as they mature. These select seeds are from both of my best two females and best male.
Killer Queen - This is for those looking for raw potency at any cost!! G-13 is the very potent mother, and C99 as the pollen source is no slouch either, but it's a guess how they will combine. This is a prototype release to test the waters. G-13 should add to the punch, C99 should improve yield and flavour. Plus something caused the G-13 clones to produce seeds smaller than I was hoping. Small like the Sweet Tooth Surprise. Reaction to excess UV? So for these two reasons, despite the excellent genetics, I would like to keep the price down. Only enough seeds for 100 orders were sent to market. Space Queen  - Space Queen was the only reason I invested in C99 in the first place. Ever since I heard the description of Soul's princess I knew her and Romulan would be the perfect match. Then prototype crosses between P75 and Romberry started pumping out the winners that have found keeper status in many select gardens. Each of these keepers exhibit a blend of C99 and Romulan characteristics. Space Queen is a Romulan/C99 hybrid. Flavour and potency are sure things, both parents are known for their high potency and great highs. Lemon, pine, and pineapple all swirl in a pungent bouquet to tantalize your taste buds!! Vigour will be outstanding and you'll be able to cut back on the light intensity somewhat Flowering time will be comparable to Romberry, averaging 8 weeks depending on grower and grow environment. Yield will be above average, but she won't be a top production plant. I hope she puts a smile on a few faces.
Orange Crush  - The California Orange mom is the legendary clone that sets the standard for all other California Oranges to aspire towards. And it has done so for close to two decades. It's super sweet Tang flavour and aroma is unequaled. It's vigour is amazing and it's ease of cloning will vastly be an improvement over the blueberry pollen source on both accounts. The blueberry pollen source speaks for itself and is described above. As with the Romulan mother of Romberry, This California Orange clone does very well at low (25-30 watts/foot) light levels. Both California Orange and blueberry parents are harvested between 50 and 60 days depending on taste. Most prefer the earlier end of the spectrum for the added flavour and happier high. As of May 2000, these are hot off the press and even mine are still small seedlings, therefore untested. Several have been shipped to friends for sharing, so grow reports should be surfacing over the next couple of months. Pink Grapefruit Cocktail  - A previous auction item and test cross, this one turned out way too nice to not repeat. I found the buds to be very nice and tight with a healthy covering of frosting that gives them exceptional bag appeal. Because of the tight nature and frosted nature of the flowers, trimming is is a breeze, just pull off the shade leaves and let dry. Grapefruit and pineapple battle for dominance in this sweet tasting blend who's aroma in the flowering room reminds me of the pink grapefruit cocktail fruit juice. Cloning was a snap as was revegging this plant. I found them to be very uniform in my soil garden and picking the best for a clone mom was most difficult. I hope others find this as much a treat as I did.

Capricorn Seed Company

Super Silver Haze f2 - The parents are from Green House. Composed of the most commercial strains known to the civilized world - Skunk, Northern Light + Haze. Royally bred from 3 precious High Times Cup winners. Overpowering combination of Indica & Sativa highs. It leaves you gasping for reality. Note: This complex hybrid is the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids designed to astound both the grower and smoker alike. Double Cannabis Cup Winner in '98 and '99 and Hydro winner in '97 Lady G - This is our G13 hybrid. In its production we have used G13 clones of which we are unsure of their purity so we have left the description as a G13 hybrid. The high is very energetic and long lasting. The yield is medium with excellent results indoors and outdoors.
Matanuska Thunder f2  - This is a F2 from Bros. Grimm.60/40 Indica/Sativa. Excellent yielding plant with tight buds and nice flavor. We have just grown outside with excellent results. Good mould resistance, easy to clone, and fast growing. Legendary High!!! Cinderella 99 f2 - The C99 has been hailed as the �Holy Grail� by Bros Grimm and is an extremely productive, potent plant. We have selected two top parents to create this F2. Specifically bred for indoors it is also an excellent outdoor performer. We have had growers get close to a kilo of dried bud off our F2 C99s.The high will please the most seasoned smoker. Easy to clone. Flowering time is 50 days.
Afghani Orange  - This is a combination of a California Orange and Afghani. It produces some lovely, huge, aromatic buds. Easy to grow. Top resin production. These plants just jump out of their shells and go. One of our best plants for outdoors with no mould problems and excellent returns(average 10oz).The dry weight is fantastic(not a lot of shrinkage when curing).The high is very strong and will satisfy the most seasoned smokers. Ultimate Indoor - Combination of two legendary plants bred for optimum hybrid indoor growth. A male Matanuska Thunder from the Bros Grimm used to pollinate a Superb Northern Lights Female Clone. The result is an Indica Dominant plant that produces rock hard frosty buds with large amounts of resin. Excellent for cloning and is a must for the indoor grower who needs to maximize space.
Peak 19 f2 - This is a straight Peak19 F2. It is a cross between Stonehedge and Matanuska Tundra. Excellent for indoor/outdoor growing. One of our favorites. Excellent for crossbreeding. Very strong stem. Very powerful narcotic high. Northern Lights f2 - This Northern Lights is one of the best for indoor growing. Compact plant with good yield and fantastic resin production and not much smell. High is a heavy powerful Stone. The male is from Sensi Seeds an the female is a Sagarmatha Northern Lights #9.
Matanuska Tundra f2 -  An F2 version of Sagarmatha Seeds Matanuska Tundra. A legendary Alaskan plant that truly produces massive buds that are extremely dense and flavorsome. An excellent indoor/outdoor plant that will produce 350-375grams/m2 inside. Outside in damper areas you made to need to keep an eye on bud rot due to the sheer size of the buds Hubba Bubba - Bubbleberry crossed with Cinderella 99.

Juan Moore Seeds

Dixie Crystals - The �Sweethang� clone...what can I say...The taste has been described, as akin to smoking Koolaid, I loved the taste, and wanted to add mone raw punch, so I added the Cinderella. The male used in this cross, was selected from 9 original males from a group of 36 Cinderella 99 F1s, the same males used in the New Killer Queen project. I am still awaiting reports from testers, but germ rates have been 100%, so far. This will be a �work in progress�, as I intend to constantly, improve the seedstock, with each cross. I estimate7 weeks of flower, indoors, based on what I know from both parents (again, this data will be updated as reports come in) New Killer Queen - Airbournes G13 x Cinderella 99 - These are seeds from the ongoing Killer Queen RRS project. These seeds will continually, be updated, as I work thru the generations of the Cinderella99, and after, the G13 side as well.  I have used mixed male pollen in an attempt to retain as much genetic diversity, for subsequent generations...pollen from 8 males were used.  This offering is from the first raw crossing (G13 x C99 MMP).  As the project progresses, new males will continue to be selected, based on their response to UVb lighting, and my own criteria. The goal of this project is to improve and refine both sides of this proven cross, to create a superior hybrid.
Stoney Baloney - Cinderella 99 X Kalimist X Tangerine - A 3 way sativa cross, the Tangerine Male crossed with a C99 X Kalimist Mom. The High was very up and very energetic, made you think of things you needed to do ...last month. Very Nice taste and smell, all of the citrusy flavors, in this one, with a hint of the Cindy taste comin through. Baked Alaska - Peak 19 F2s X Tangerine - The Tangerine Male crossed with Budms very own Peak 19 F2s. Wow, what a cross. All of the Best, A serious Sativa crossed with a superb Indica. A proven Medical strain.
Manderine Punch - Killer Queen X Tangerine - The Tangerine male crossed with BCGAs' Killer Queen, (A very strong Killer Queen Mom I might add),Should produce the G13 Knockout Punch, with the taste of the Citrus, and pineapple of the Cinderella 99. Bluez Cluez - Blue Widow X Tangerine - The best of the Auctions, in this one. Tangerine male from the A77 and Blue Widow star of the A1 auction. The Blueberry flavor in this widow cross will compliment the strong citrus flavor of the Tangerine....This one has the pedigree, and is sure to not disappoint, unlike some of the other A1 widow crosses. Germination tests confirm an 85% germination rate. Rock hard buds on the Blue Widow.
Tangerine II - Tangerine X Tangerine - Unlock the secret.  Please NOTE, this strain is NOT for the inexperienced grower!!!  There is the potential of hermaphrodites due to the Thai parentage crossed with itself.  They were originally discontinued, from Cbay for this reason.  I am only making them available, due to a few requests.  

Joey Weed Seeds

AK-47 x Cinderella 99 - This is an F1 cross of Brother's Grimm Cinderella99 and AK47 from Serious Seeds. These are both legendary strains and we would expect a cross between them to be something special. I've been growing out some of these and they really do seem to be special. It's very nice smoke. The high is intense but not as trippy and speedy as C-99. The smell is mild not strong, it seems to take after the C-99 father there. It smells faintly of skunk with a hint of spice. The yield on this one is good. I got over 5 oz each of dried buds from the ones I grew out. Cinderella 99 x Apollo 11 - Here we have a cross between two highly acclaimed plants. The mother was Brother's Grimm Cinderella-99 shown up above and the father was Apollo 11. C-99 is very well known for being super potent, having a mild citrus aroma and never giving hermies. Apollo 11 has an up happy high with a high calyx to leaf ratio. It, like C99 has a faint lemoney smell. The cross is easy to clone and combines the sativa high from cinderella99 with the happy stone from apollo11. The buds are tight and dense. Expect it to finish in 8 weeks or less.
Blue Apollo - This is a cross between my favorite blueberry and Apollo 11. The Father is Apollo 11 a high producing super potent strain many of you have heard about or maybe grown yourself. It is low in odor having a faint citrus like smell. The mother is Blueberry I obtained from DJ Short via Dutch Passion. The Blueberry mother is a high yielder with the soaring blueberry high and delicious blueberry smell. It gives large buds that are rock solid. Blueberry has been a favorite of many growers for years now and has won many awards. Your mouth will be watering every time you tend your plants. Try to wait until they finish before you sample some, I know it will be hard to wait. The females have blue/purple stems particularly in the seedlings and the leaves or buds also tend to turn a bluish shade at the finish. Both blueberry and A11 are hardy vigorous plants with very nice buds. Moon Shadow - This is a unique blend of Chemo and Cinderella99. The mom was Chemo/whiterhino and the father was C99. The idea behind this cross was to harness the power of C99 and to give it some new taste and body. I also wanted to increace the yield on it and produce bigger buds. Chemo is a great yielder and has a super couchlock high. It was used by chemotherapy patients for years which is where the name came from. C99 needs no introduction and has been widely grown. A few people were put off by the intense anxiety producing high it gives. I figured that by blending C99 with the chemo that would add enough body stone so that people would be able to enjoy the haze like high from the C99 without getting anxiety. Moon Shadow is a good yielder that finishes in 8 weeks.
Northern Lights x Cinderella 99 - Northern lights was the mother of this cross. NL is a high yielding fast growing strain that has been around a long time. The stone is a balanced sativa/indica high that has been popular a long time. Cinderella 99 is very well known and has a trippy sativa type of high. C99 finishes in 8 weeks or less and is low in odor. NL also finishes in about 8 weeks and is fairly low odor. The combination produces a high yielding, fast finishing plant that has a super high and is low in odor.  

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