CannaDX Cannabis Tester

CannaDX cannabis tester.

A wonderful way to test cannabis for it’s chemical profile is the portable CannaDX cannabis analyzer. Fits in your hand and has fast results in 3 to 4 minutes. Needed by growers to know THC% before, during and after harvesting. A good way to pinpoint maturity. Medical users will know CBD% of their cannabis. When making edibles you can calculate dosage quite easily.
Terpene profiles are exposed. With terpenoid composition comes the ability to know sativa or indica backgrounds of your marijuana genetics. Knowing what terpenes are present can help the consumer predict medical value.
The CannaDX is also about to come out with a sensor to detect poisons and metals. That will really help when buying unlabelled products. Portability means you can take it to the dispensary or your grower to know  cannabis chemical profiles immediately.

Simply use dry cannabis. You only need a small .25 gram to conduct a test. Rub the cannabis on the inside of the test insert then close it, start the CannaDX, start your App, place the testing insert inside the CannaDX and that’s it. In a few minutes you’ll know the cannabis chemical profile. How good is your weed?

Our CannaDX has tested over 40 types of marijuana in two months. Anaylzing the results leads to learning an endless multitude of possible “Entourage Effects”.

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