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True North Seedbank

Kali Mist
Indoor Arguably the top sativa strain available today. With 90% sativa genetics, Kali Mist grows into tall, classically sativa plants with very few leaves. Kali Mist is often the choice of experts for their own stash grows. Also, women particularly seem to like this strain, next to the sheer pleasure of smoking it, we received several reports that it works great against menstrual cramps. Flowering time 11 weeks.

Super Kush
Indoors/Outdoors This strain will wow you with its pure kush flavor. The hint of a secret brazilian strain in the genetics allow for a strong plant which will grow very vigorously.A must for the Kush lover in us all! type high/strength: very potent, clear up, Real kushy height: 4 to 6 feet yield: 1 to 2 1/2 pounds Outdoors harvest end of October 12 hr photoperiod 10 wks till harvest

Hawaiian Punch
Indoors/Outdoors This special Hawaiian beauty is different than anything out there. A must for the head stash collection. A delicate bouquet of flavour, a real trip (without the jetlag) smell/taste: Strong Indica bouquet height: 4 to 6 feet yield: 1 to 2 1/2 pounds Outdoors harvest end of October 12 hr photoperiod 10 wks till harvest

Power Plant
Indoors This dutch import is a powerful new white family strain. It is a much sought after strain and has a very high yield of dense crystal loaded flowers. height: 4-6 feet Outdoors harvest October 12 hr photoperiod 8 wks till harvest

Crystal Skunk
Indoors/Outdoors Just as the name says this strain is pure crystal with a hint of skunk. This will satisfy the skunk lover in you. Loaded with resin hash made from this weed smells just as skunky as the buds. height: 4-6 feet yield: High Outdoors harvest October 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 wks till harvest

Indoors/Greenhouse This exclusive Ganjaland strain will impress the most experienced smoker.k2 is known for its great growth and potent smell and high is balanced by the powerful skunk Father. Vigorous growth,best indoors. height: 6 to 8 feet yield: 6 Oz to 2 1/2 pounds Outdoors harvest end of October 12 hr photoperiod 10 wks till harvest

N.Y.C Diesel
Indoor/Greenhouse The N.Y.C Diesel has its roots in the Big Apple, a friend brought the seeds and said that it was the best pot he ever smoked, he had dreads down to the ground so I believed him. This Cannabis tastes and smells like Ripe Red Grapefruit, once you touch the fresh buds you can't smell the other strains in your room or garden. N.Y.C Diesel will leave you an Exotic Taste, an Exotic Smell and an Exotic High. Flowering time 10 weeks. Yield High

Indoor Buddha's sister has a flavor like a tart cherry candy, and the scent is similarly tart rather than sweet. The buds have a slippery, silky feel, which means an abundance of greasy resin to make into fantastic hash. She even gives a lot of finger hash that you won't want to wash away after grooming plants.. A mostly indica variety, Buddha's sister tends to make lots of side branches, so she is better to grow as a multi-branch plant instead of in a sea of green. She will still thrive using a sea of green method with some attentiveness. 12 hr photoperiod 10 weeks till harvest

The Real McCoy
Outdoor/Greenhouse /Indoor A very special cross for the true connoisseur, a wonderfully sweet and spicy bouquet and taste that can only be described as smoking a tropical salad bar. Tingly on the tongue, soft on the throat and high in the brain,The Real McCoy reaches the parts other weed can not reach.Grown properly yields can exceed 300 grams per square m 12 hr photoperiod 10-12 weeks till harvest

Pot of Gold
Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse Compact plants that produce massive yields, also one of the most resinous strains in our selection Pot of Gold is one of the flagships of the Flying Dutchman Seed Company.With a refined sweet hashish taste and an extremely potent physical effect this strain will leave you stuck to your seat for hours. Good for many applications. 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest Outdoors Harvest: October

Matanuska Tundra
Indoor/Outdoor This Sagarmatha variety brings back that majestic legendary marijuana from the great Alaskan Northland. Highly recommended by the best fishing and hiking guides in the Matanuska Valley. The buds are huge and rock-hard as Denali "Mt. McKinley" herself. Intense flavor, chocolate aroma and potency have combined to form the most dense variety we have had the pleasure of producing thus far. Medical patients have mentioned that she is very beneficial for persons with pain ailments. The "creeper" quality of the smoke comes on slow and smooth, like a hike up a majestic mountain peak. Enjoy the view, with a smile on your face and a gleam in your bloodshot eyes! 12 hr photoperiod 60-70 days till harvest

Early Riser
Outdoors/Greenhouse Early Riser is our first variety especially developed for outdoor production in northern climates. Several generations of select breeding - choosing individuals with the shortest flowering period combined with the highest density of cannabinoidal resin - have produced a wonderful example of botanical wizardry. This species is truly worthy of supporting the same high-quality standard of exceptional cannabis that Sagarmatha has provided for her scrutinizing clientele. The aroma and flavor of Early Riser is sweet with a minty aftertaste. The high is uplifting and motivational, releasing the sun's natural energy with every bowl. So let the sun shine in and don't get burnt! Outdoors harvest: mid-september

Outdoor Stuporsonic is our fastest flowering species as of yet. Given by Swedish growers, this plant has acclimatized herself to a short outdoor season. Because she is able to withstand a cold climate and limited flowering period, she performs remarkably. Unlike many varieties that flower quickly, Stuporsonic provides a soaring, stratospheric high. Definitely the most potent outdoor plant (grown in Holland) we have had the pleasure of smoking. The flavour is sharp and spicy, giving the grower yet another admirable quality. With Stuporsonic you grow higher, faster plants, guaranteed to bring in your harvest before the competition. High/Strength: Strong, long lasting, mentally accelerating height: 4 to 6 feet yield: 250 to 300 grams/m� Outdoors Early Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 45 -50 days till harvest

Western Winds
Indoor/Outdoor An almost pure Sativa with a soaring, cerebral high. Also a Cannabis Cup award winner with the Haze taste and high. A favorite amongst Rastas who wish to have a high energy buzz. Fantastic for conversation or romance with its relaxing and invigorating qualities. She has a unique Oriental aroma and spiritual atmosphere. Whether smoked in the morning or evening, the experience is always rewarding and pleasurable. Much of the staff at Sagarmatha states that Western Winds is their nug of choice. So put Western Winds in your sail and ride the high tide. High/Strength: Soaring Cerebral yield: 300 to 350 grams/m� Outdoors in warmer zones only. 12 hr photoperiod 70-75 days till harvest

Mongolian Indica
Indoor/Outdoor Rocking the Grey Area Coffeeshop for more than four years, her reputation for flavor and strength has become world-renowned. A Sister to Slyder, this variety produces a mostly pure Indica with a fantastic mango bouquet and savoury taste. She is similar to Slyder in potency, but she is much more fragrant. Serrated, sativa-like leaves and beautiful orange pistils dot the crystallized Indica buds. The stone is long lasting and lethargic. A sample grown outdoors (in Hungary) was as beautiful and potent as many of the fantastic flowers from Northern California that I have had the privilege of smoking! Great for those non motivational daze, a most pleasurable smoke. High/Strength: lethargic and hallucinogenic yield: 300 to 325 grams/m� 12 hr photoperiod 70-75 days till harvest

Gardeners Choice
Indoor/Outdoor Random mix of Sagarmatha seeds. These seeds are collected from the same stock as our premier seeds and research stock used in producing our end products.The genetic information has not been compromised and all the seeds are of high quality. Amounts and types of seeds are randomly determined by harvest results. Perfectly suited for growers who would like to have variety and superior quality in their gardens. Sagarmatha recommends this variety for veterans, hobbyists or beginners who love botany and wish to have many samples of fine connoisseur smoke in their treasure chest. If variety is the spice of life, these plants are it.

Indoor This new Dutch treat will wow you with it's heavy Indica flavor. It just won the 2002 Highlife Cup in Holland (blind tested!), I recommend it. It's good stuff! 12 hr photoperiod 10 weeks till harvest

Indoor If you love to smoke, grow S.A.G.E.! Testimony from Rob C. Clarke who understands the demands of both the smoker and the grower. While the spice of the Sativa and the punch of the Haze is a connoisseurs favorite, huge afghani yield is what the grower demands. To achieve best of both worlds,we have coupled the old-school Cali-Sativa with our chunkiest true Afghan breeder To produce a flavor packed plant with over 20% T.H.C. Just one taste and you will request what Cypress Hill, The Fun Lovin Criminals and Pharcyde swear by.Yield: 300-400 p.s.m. Flowering Time: 60 Days

Chocolate Chunk
ndoor Chunky solid Indica that flowers in 56 days, deep hashy flavor with a narcotic bite, dark green super wide leaves and over- exaggerated structures show you that this plant is a true indica. Yield: 350-400 p.s.m Flowering Time: 55-60 days

outdoor This is another variety from the great northwest, originally brought over in 1995. The name Akorn was given to the plant by the people who grew it because of it's hard finished structure with tight cola's the size of"baby arms" make this plant a great producer the people who smoke this type called it snowbud because of it's incredible resin production, whatever you want to call this plant growers and smokers will just call it their favorite. Yield: 400-500 p.s.m.Flowering Time: 55-60 days

TOP 44
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Small indoor commercial plant. very easy to grow, Good producer. 44 days till harvest.

Durban Poison
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Durban Poison originates from South Africa and has been bred in holland for several years. Very Strong mentally and physically 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

Hawaiian Indica
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor High Sativa Strain, Wonderful scent Outdoors harvest mid. October 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Mostly Indica. Original Spice of Life Seed Co. Shiskaberry seeds. This sweet, berry tasting indica is light green with loads of resin. "This has been the fastest budding plant I have ever worked with.It also has the most crystal of any plant that I have worked with and the hardest nugget buds. As a small plant it likes to grow with one huge cola grown in large pots it still yields well but is best in a high plant per light ratio. This last mother that I used for this particular batch of seed is by far the strongest, tastiest and most resinous I've ever seen!"- CCK. Height 5 feet. Flowering time 42 days. Yield Very good. Harvest outdoor Mid Sept.

Blue Satellite
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Mostly Indica. DJ's newest strain was developed in Switzerland by Breeder Steve from Spice of Life Seeds. They crossed Steve's Shiskaberry with D'Js award winning Blueberry. Look for a very good yield of some frosty, sweet and fruity bud. Flowering time 7 to 8 weeks Harvest outdoor End of Sept.

Shiva Skunk
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor This cross between Skunk#1 and Northern Lights#5 is one of the most reliable varieties Sweet Pungent taste, and very little to manicure! Outdoors harvest mid. October 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Nice big fluffy plants, sweet aroma. Finishes mid. October.

Nepalise Grizzly
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Mostly Indica. A Dutch Treat x Nepali has been crossed only slightly with the Chemo. The plant is a medium green with more open branching. The flavor is earthy with a hash type body stone. Plants put out earlier, tend to finish earlier. Height 5 - 8 feet. Flowering time 9 weeks. Yield 1/2lb. Harvest outdoor First to mid Sept.

Late Kemo Grizzly
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Mostly Indica. Very nice, round chemo buds. Taller than the other 2 strains. Lots of bud clusters. Grows a lighter green, with low odor and sweet/fruity buds. Height up to 10 feet. Flowering time 9 weeks. Yield 3/4 + lbs. Harvest outdoor Oct 1 - 20.

Greenhouse/Indoor This highly acclaimed strain is now on sale!!! Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest

Silver Pearl
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor This 3 way Nirvana hybrid contains Early Pearl, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. This hybrid is quicker and sweeter than the Shiva Skunk. Excellent indoor and Greenhouse results. Plants exhibit frosted resinous characteristics of the Northern Lights #5 and the sweetness and calyx to leaf ratio of Early Pearl/Skunk. One of the favorites and the 1994 winner of the mixed Indica/Sativa category. Outdoors harvest mid. October 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

Early Girl
Outdoor/Greenhouse This is a mostly Indica variety, one of the earliest! Very potent, medium yield, with a hashy taste and aroma. These compact plants will tend to grow to one main stem. Good choice for the balcony Outdoors harvest mid Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest

Royal Empress
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor This Royal beauty has loving branches that reach out and stick to anything they touch, the smell arouses all senses, and tickles the mind with anticipation Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 7-9 weeks till harvest

Sweet Dreams
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor This Sativa/Indica hybrid contains the best of both worlds. The heavy narcotic indica side was selected from Almighty's best pain numbing Indica. The sativa selected from the best of the Lion family (for long lasting positive mental happiness) allows for a quite different and more satisfying experience.Also has a "High Tolerance Effect", you don't get bored of it. Finishes end. September. Indoors 12 hour photoperiod: 7-8 weeks

Alaskan Glacier
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Alaskan Glaciers came to mind when observing this icy mountain peak.You will slowly climb and when you reach the peak you won't want to come down (Genetics Top Secret)  High/Strength: Strong, long lasting, creeps up on you. 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest

Jack Star
Indoor F1 hybrid. This new favorite is similar, genetically speaking, to the wonderful Sensitron, with more Herer in the mix. 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Sativa/Indica: Appearance: wide leaf, big flowers and leaves, huge central cola surrounded by several thick side branches Smell/Taste: smells very sweet and fruity Type High/Strength: up, energizing, strong Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest

Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Cannabis Cup winner Sensi Star crossed with Jack Herer (Cup winner also) and Sweet Skunk. Large dark green leaves allow the production of big bush shaped tree, heavy producer. Type High/Strength: mind buzzing, strong high 12 hr photoperiod 9-12 weeks till harvest

B-52 (Bomber)
Indoor Sativa/Indica Cross   This heavy hitting chronic will send you to the moon.  Combines the extreme White Widow with the inciting Lionheart. Looks like cotton candy, coated with sticky golden resin yield: 1/4 - 2 Pounds Outdoors harvest mid October 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest

Kentucky Sweet Jack
Outdoor/Greenhouse Kentucky Jack x Jacked 14   - Appearance: tall, Christmas tree, big buds and  flowers, lots of resin
Smell/Taste: Fruity Lemon or Citrus   - Height: 6 to 8feet   - Yield: high Very potent, long lasting sativa high utdoors harvest end October 12 hr photoperiod 9-12 weeks till harvest

Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Mostly Indica Loaded with crystals. Looks like White Widow but produces denser buds. Has big flowers. Short and bushy Type High/Strength: powerful Indica high Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest

White Rhino
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Very Potent Medical Strain of the White Family Lasting High yield: 1/4 - 2 Pounds Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest

Neville's Haze
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor The original killer Haze from the 80's is back!!! appearance: Long Bracts thin buds Very potent, long lasting sativa high Outdoors in southern areas only 12 hr photoperiod 9-12 weeks till harvest

White Grizzly
Outdoor/Greenhouse BC Mountain Strain accustomed to cold, harsh conditions Early genetic from Nepalese Mountains (not ruderalis) Covered in crystal with a fruity, earthy flavor Finishes in early Sept! Or if put out Early (in 3 months)

Purple Power
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Purple flower bracts Strong Dutch Genetics Therapeutic Aroma (strong sativa odor) 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest Finishes early outdoors and camouflages well in the flower garden!

Skunk #1
Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor Nice and Sweet very Skunky Vigorous, Sativa/Indica cross appearance: Tall, Compact buds Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest Not too many leaves to manicure

Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor Combination of Afghan, Skunk and Northern Lights. 97' Cannabis Cup entry. appearance: Strong, Rock Hard, Snow White Buds Smells as sweet as Skunk #1 and smokes like N.L yield: 1/2 - 2 pounds Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

Snow White
Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor Mostly Indica Big Yielder appearance: Dense Sticky Buds covered with thousands of shiny crystals height: 4-8 feet Outdoors harvest end Oct. Indoors 8-10 weeks flowering till harvest

Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Great for hash making! Hash Plant Hybrid appearance: COVERED WITH THICK RESIN Very active high height: 4 to 8 feet 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor Commercial Dutch Strain, originally from the high peaks of the Himalayas Mountains Short plant, much THC, Smashing Taste, part of the White Family High Yielder Outdoors harvest Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 7 weeks till harvest

Greenhouse/Indoor/Outdoor Pure Indica appearance: Big Fat leaves and Buds, Wonderful Strong Odor Clear headed high yield: High Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor Future Cup Winner, Unique Spicy Smell, Sticky. Med. yield compensated by highest THC levels, Just renamed Lionheart by Rastas and Entertainers who need this type of weed Sativa/Indica cross appearance: Slim leaves, fat buds on well spaced nodes, Low Leaf Ratio,(little to manicure!) True sativa high, increases with each puff. (Most put out joint after a few tokes!) "this is crazy shit!" It breaks up like hash, but stickier" Note: Anyone nearby will get high too! height: 4 to 6 feet yield: 2oz - 1 Pounds Outdoors harvest start Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 6-7 weeks till harvest

Jacked 14 (Lionheart cross!)
Outdoor/Greenhouse/Indoor An Awesome cross! (Mother of #14 crossed with Jack Herer, then crossed with #14) Very Sweet smell and taste, Its hard to stop smelling it. Fingers are gummy after rolling, burns very slow. appearance: Lower branches shoot up to join higher ones, creating several tops! Sativa high similar to LIONHEART height: 4 to 6 feet yield: 2oz - 2 Pounds Outdoors harvest start Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 7-8 weeks till harvest

Big Bud
ndoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor Biggest producing commercial variety. appearance: Heavy Colas even on lower parts of the plant! Heavy buds may need support! Sweet scent, Not overpowering high height: 4 to 6 feet Outdoors harvest Oct.. 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks till harvest

White Widow
lights indoor/greenhouse the most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland. . A very soft smoke and great "High". appearance: The plants are white with THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves! Very potent height: 4 to 6 feet yield: high Outdoors harvest end Oct. 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest

lights indoor/greenhouse/outdoor 2nd place winner 1995 Cannabis Cup. Has an incredible uplifting high. Pedigree details are kept secret! appearance: Extremely resinous smells like bubblegum! Very potent, very uplifting height: 4 to 6 feet yield: good Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 7-8 weeks till harvest

Jack Herer
lights indoor/greenhouse This multiple hybrid is the result of many years of selective breeding,combining 3 of the strongest varieties known to man. "Even though we are regularly put under pressure by obsessed growers to give pedigree details,I'm afraid that just as with the Coca Cola recipe this Sensi variety will have to remain a secret." > High Times (May 1995): "the bud was heavy with crystals and resin, the high was immediate and cerebral. An excellent strain." pure breeding appearance: This variety produces so much resin that eventhe branches bristle with stalked glands. Very potent height: 3 to 6 feet yield: high Outdoors harvest end Sept. 12 hr photoperiod 7-9 weeks till harvest

Lambsbread x BC Skunk
lights indoor/greenhouse/outdoor F-1 hybrid The rare and amazingly potent Jamaican Lambsbread crossed with Skunk makes for a sticky treat appearance: Sticky green light Buds High/Strength: Strong, long lasting, mentally accelerating height: 4 to 6 feet yield: 4 0z to 1 pound Outdoors harvest Oct. 12 hr photoperiod 10 weeks till harvest

Outdoor Mix
greenhouse / outdoor Suitable for cold climates, They are all Great and different! Perfect for blending with nature! Outdoors harvest end Sept. to Nov. 12 hr photoperiod 7-11 weeks till harvest

Indoor Mix
indoors Good for selecting a Mother. Excellent varieties. Several strains of indoor seeds selected for compact growth and early flowering 12 hr photoperiod 7-9 weeks till harvest

Northern Lights
indoor Pure Breed The favorite of many experienced smokers Low smell height: 4-6 feet Yield: 4 Oz to 2 pounds Outdoors harvest start of Oct. 12 hr photoperiod 8 weeks to harvest

Hindu Kush
lights indoor/greenhouse/outdoor Pure Breed. Sativa/Indica: primarily Indica appearance: wide leaf,  big flowers and leaves smell/taste: smells like sweet hash type high/strength: up, physical, strong height: 4 to 8 feet yield: 4 Oz to 2 pound Outdoors harvest mid to end October 12 hr photoperiod 8-10 weeks till harvest selected for early maturing

Master Kush
lights indoor/greenhouse/outdoor Tetraplode! (Some will start with 3 leaves instead of the usual 2!) 2 times winner of the Cannabis Cup type high/strength: up, physical, even stronger height: 4 to 8 feet yield: High Outdoors harvest mid to end October

Original Haze x Afghani
indoors appearance: many flowers, can be lime green, dark green, silver-blue or purple-haze smell/taste: incredible, sticky sweet, almost sweet and sour smell type high/strength: very potent, clear up, energetic high height: 6 to 9 feet yield: 6 Oz to 2 1/2 pounds Outdoors harvest end of October 12 hr photoperiod 10 wks till harvest

Power Plant
outdoor Dutch Passion 100% female seed A must have strain! Extremely satisfying.

outdoor/indoor Dutch Passion 100% female seed Indica/Sativa. A "high" scoring recently developed variety Developed from Thai and Brazil strains and crossed with an early Dutch strain. Originally developed for outdoors. Flowering time 7 to 10 weeks. Harvest outdoor 2ndweek of Sept.

Dutch Passion 100% female seed Mostly Indica. Mostly indica. This is an upgraded selection of our Afghani/Skunk. Excellent yields, lots of flavor and a very good "up" high. Flowering time Flowering time 8 to 9 weeks. Harvest outdoor 1st week of Nov.  Just won the Highlife Cup in Holland

Dutch Passion 100% female seed Mostly Indica. With 100% Skunk seeds, it's not possible to grow fully mature outdoor plants, because the seeds were selected for artificial lights and greenhouse. Skunk was crossed with an early Indica, to let it mature sooner and to make the plant stronger for outdoor conditions. This is the F1 generation. It has come out as a very nice strain. Formerly named Skunk/Indica. Flowering time 7 weeks Harvest outdoor end of Sept. 2nd week of Oct.