Vancouver Lift 2018 Event

Vancouver Lift Event 2018

The Vancouver Lift 2018 event was enjoyable to attend. Large Producers of marijuana were in attendance getting ready for Canadian legalization in July 2018. Extraction machines are outstanding. Grow lights, soil and fertilizers are flooding the market. Keeping up to date on technology will be a daunting task.

The entire event took 6 hours to visit.

The people we met in the cannabis industry were more than happy to spend time talking about their products and services. Reps from Colorado brought in new products we don’t see in Canada. We learned not to be afraid to try new technological advances in gardening.

Kind LED

Wish there could have been actual large producer products so we could test them. An outside vape lounge allowed people to enjoy their medicine.

Vancouver Lift 2018

We want to fully work and participate in the legal cannabis industry.