2016 Vancouver April 420 Celebration

Our 2016 Vancouver April 420 celebration kicks off with a 2 hour ferry boat ride from Vancouver Island to Vancouver city. Everyone on the ferry is lighting up marijuana with no repercussions from boat staff. At least 200 people are enjoying the 420 morning wake and bake, all aboard.

April 420 Vancouver

The celebration ramps up at Sunset Beach as Mounties go by while we puff doobies. No one is bothered about their marijuana lifestyle choice. Legalize marijuana flags fly everywhere reminding people of the journey ahead. High level speakers taunt us with truthful rhetoric instead of uneducated emotion.

Legalize Marijuana

We’re here pretty early in the morning and people are already enjoying the festivities. The beach is laden with vendor booths selling all kyndes of marijuana products. Free dabs are flowing to anyone brave enough to partake. Joints are being passed around to perfect strangers. Perfect best describes the happy attitudes and soothing emotions people display with each other. Super brain electricity describes the energetic atmosphere.

2016 Vancouver April 420 Celebration

We were at this event for over 6 hours encountering pure joy/happiness. Not one negatively raised voice, nary a squabble. If you ever want to enjoy yourself at an event please experience an April 420 event.