Emotional Marijuana

After personally attending a Vancouver, BC April 20th Sunset Beach 420 Celebration with over 25,000 people at 4:20pm I witnessed every single person as happy as can be. Did not hear any violent shouting, violence or fighting. Not 1 incident in the 4 hours attended. Attendee emotions were controlled, positive and social.

Emotional Healing Using Marijuana

It’s infectious to be around people who make you feel good. Here’s a list of the top 5 emotions you can expect to experience:

  • love
  • caring
  • empathy
  • happiness
  • laughter

Cannabis use affects the process of emotions. Emotional stability can be achieved with good cannabis management. The positive outcomes of cannabis consumption are just being realized by science.

We can help find or suggest cannabis strains you are interested in. Contact us us with any emotional issue.