Cannastick Dab Mod Vape Review

Our Cannastick Dab Mod vape review is courtesy of the fine folks from Cannastick. A superbly designed dab vape. We’ve had two Cannastick Dab Mod vapes for over two years. They’ve survived numerous parties, fals, slams, and one two story fall off of a roof. One of our reviewers is a roofer who takes the unit to irk. One day while taking a break two stories high, the Cannastick fell to the cement ground below. No damage other than scraps. The vape started right way and he still has is operating today. We just used it during a frisbee golf day. Everyone enjoys taking dabs from the Cannastick.

The battery is long life and charges quickly so you can use it all day long. The oven chamber stay relatively clean with daily attention. The mouthpiece is glass with a smooth delivery system. The air path is tight to accommodate full dab hits.

You turn on the unit by placing your finger on the bottom end to engage. This feature makes is comfortable to operate in the hand. Easy performance leads to fun.

Cannastick Dab Mode vape review.

Cannastick Dab Mode Vape Review Summary

The Cannastick Dab Mod vape review reveals an outstanding portable extract vaporizer. Over two years our vapes have lasted while still performing strong. We recommend this vaporizer for extract lovers of all kyndes. Prices are adorable and worth the value.

Boundless Vaporizers Review

Our Boundless Vaporizers review is courtesy of the good people at Boundless Technology. The CFX and CF vaporizer models are excellent dry herb units. They possess super fat heat up times of 20 seconds or less. The oven chamber is sized to hold enough dry herb for more than one person. The draw weight is comfortable through the fully isolated air path. No heat issues on the lips. Have as many sessions in a row as your heart desires.

The battery lasts at least 20 three minute sessions. Charging time is around an hour. The engine is a powerful 80 watts. More than enough power to vaporizer any strain of cannabis.

It’s summer right now and there’s a smoking/fire ban outside. But you can still vaporize.

Boundless Vaporizers Review

Boundless Vaporizers Review Summary

Excellent overall rating recommends the Boundless Vaporizer Technology for any vape head. I personally have kept the two vaporizers for over 18 months and they still perform admirably. They are used every single day without fail. It’s hard to find a vape worth the money. Thank you Boundless Technology.

Haze V3 Dual Oven Vape Review

Our Haze V3 Dual Vape review is courtesy of the superb people from Haze Technologies. We’re talking about the best dual oven vaporizer on the market today. Load up extracts in one chamber and dry herb in the other. Flexibility with portability means fun vape experiences. Our team of reviewers freaked out on dual oven chambers.

The batteries, comes with two, charge in a scant hour or so. The battery life is outstanding. The combination makes for a full day of vaporizing wherever you find yourself.

The oven chambers come with convection and conduction screens. Enables you to adjust the draw intake to suit your lung capacity. Cleaning is easy with a little cotton swab and alcohol.

The mouthpiece hides inside the unit until you’re ready for use. Comes with metal or glass intakes. The air path is tight creating a good intake.

Haze V3 Dual Oven Vape Review Summary

We’ve had our Haze V3 for over 12 months. The batteries are still performing, the ovens stay effective with diligent cleaning. The option of loading multiple cannabis products is unique to the industry. We highly recommend purchasing the Haze V3 Dual Oven vape.

Chong CloudV Vape Review

Our Chong CloudV vape review is courtesy of the fine people of CloudV Vaporizers. This vaporizer lives up to the Tommy Chong quality products. An excellent vape for canabis extracts. Portable enough to carry in any pocket. Price points are affordable for everyone. Pass one on to your friends.

The battery charges quickly while holding enough charge for a full day of vaporizing your favourite extracts. Our research teams found you can have extra batteries so you don’t run out of power at inopportune times.

Go ahead and fill up Tommy with the best wax, shatter or keif. The oven is a three hit size, meaning three people can haul comfortably off of one fill up. Clean up is a breeze. Excess extract can be vaped by holding the unit sideways to tip it into the oven coils. You can enjoy consecutive vaporizer sessions without heat issues.

Chong CloudV Vape Review Summary

One of the best portable extract vaporizers on the market. Our Chong CloudV vape review highly recommends this unit for everyone. You should definitely have one/two in your collection. Once again the price is great and the quality is outstanding.