AutoPot Watering System

Thank you Jason for the opportunity to use the AutoPot watering system. The self watering system is easy to set up for hydroponic or soil growing. In this case we utilized SoHum living soil. AutoPots and SoHum go hand in hand for the easiest garden maintenance. All you have to do is check the water pH levels. No additives of any kind are needed. No measuring out numerous nutrient or fertilizer combinations. This is the ultimate grow set up for the gardener who has a busy lifestyle not being able to properly maintain there plants. AutoPots and SoHum living soil will do it  all for you. Fill up the reservoir and simply watch gravity go to work for you. Saves time, money and reduces water consumption.

AutoPot Flex Tank comes in numerous sizes.

Utilizing two grow tents with one Flex Tank.

Double D OG

Double D OG with a week to go before maturity.

Cherry Lime OG in a scrog garden.

We went a step farther and set up the AutoPot watering system into two side by side 4×4 Gorilla Grow Tents. One tent used 600w MH/HPS lighting and the other tent used 1000W Rise LED lighting.

The utter joy is the ability to set up as many AutoPots as you need.

The end result is what everyone wants to know. The following photo (left side tent) is Cherry Lime OG from Aficionado Seeds, thanks Mean G and Judah. The terpenes just seep out at you. You can taste the smell. The CannaDX was used to test the end result after curing, receiving a 24.55% THC reading. Not  bad for a 4×4 Gorilla grow tent environment.

Cherry Lime grown in the AutoPot watering system.

The following photo (right side tent) is Double D OG. This lovely strain tested at   24.01% THC.

Double D OG from Vancouver Island.

CannaDX Cannabis Tester

CannaDX cannabis tester.

A wonderful way to test cannabis for it’s chemical profile is the portable CannaDX cannabis analyzer. Fits in your hand and has fast results in 3 to 4 minutes. Needed by growers to know THC% before, during and after harvesting. A good way to pinpoint maturity. Medical users will know CBD% of their cannabis. When making edibles you can calculate dosage quite easily.
Terpene profiles are exposed. With terpenoid composition comes the ability to know sativa or indica backgrounds of your marijuana genetics. Knowing what terpenes are present can help the consumer predict medical value.
The CannaDX is also about to come out with a sensor to detect poisons and metals. That will really help when buying unlabelled products. Portability means you can take it to the dispensary or your grower to know  cannabis chemical profiles immediately.

Simply use dry cannabis. You only need a small .25 gram to conduct a test. Rub the cannabis on the inside of the test insert then close it, start the CannaDX, start your App, place the testing insert inside the CannaDX and that’s it. In a few minutes you’ll know the cannabis chemical profile. How good is your weed?

Our CannaDX has tested over 40 types of marijuana in two months. Anaylzing the results leads to learning an endless multitude of possible “Entourage Effects”.

Use the coupon code MYDXBARB to save money. Go to MyDxLife.

If you only want a quick test we can do that for you, cannabis test.

Blue Sky Organics

Blue Sky Organics

Blue Sky Organics is an award winning line of good organic products for growing cannabis. Organics ensure producing a high grade marijuana.

Super Soil made from natural ingredients is easy to use. Pretty cool how it provides precise nutrients for each stage of growth. Possesses the proper aeration texture. Some soils become hard packed when entering month 2 and 3 of flowering. Super Soil stayed light, airy and resisted that crusty top most soils have you scrapping off.

Organic Reactor did not harm our planters in any way. Simply place on top of your grow medium and let the watering do the work. Fert-Alive reduces pH so you have to keep an eye on that. Vit-Alive worked to perfection. We really love making the organic tea with the Organic Booster. The pH Up and Down works like a charm, not much is needed to keep proper pH levels.

Blue Sky website has a grow calendar that makes using their organic products easy and fun. The marijuana we produced with Blue Sky Organics tested as high grade.

RISE LED Light Review

RISE LED and the Northern Lights.

Our RISE LED light review is courtesy of Ricky from Metatron Technologies advanced LED grow light technology. A completely new way to look marijuana grow lights. Designed to replace expensive, dangerous HPS and MH light bulbs.

RISE LED technology allows you to veg and flower under the same light. The unit runs on less power than traditional lighting systems. The RISE LED produces less heat. It runs quieter. More powerful as the plant utilizes more available lumens. These factors save you time and money.

The design will last three years or more. Super light weight for easy maneuvering. We’ve been running our test RISE LED 600w in a 4×4 tent for with every crop to date producing the same results. No other LED has compared as well to the COB Sun Diodes.

We use a digital laser thermometer to analyze hot spots. Buds were 84F when 8 inches away. Buds were measured at 74F when 21 inches away from the led lights. The best distance seemed to be the 21”. The top of the unit measured at 94F. The light surface measured at 104F. The RISE LED lives up to the low heat advertising. A wonderful way to utilize a single light for a 4×4 tent in home application. Our test next year will be in a brand new 100 plant facility utilizing numerous RISE LED’s.

One of the best marijuana test results for THC potency has been the Spanish Northern Lights grown under the RISE LED lighting technology. Check out the following results.

Total Canna Profile Spanish Northern Lights 1st Generation

Total Canna Profile #2gen Spanish Northern Lights

RISE LED Light Review Summary

#2gen Spanish Northern Lights

The proof is in quality buds comparable to any other lighting system on the market. Nodes are kept close together creating huge colas. From seed to harvest it’s wonderful to use one light that works.

Come back in a few to examine the 20 year old California strain of Northern Lights Marijuana from a 70 year old friend, as of 2017, named Tom Henderson. It’ll be the 3rd crop under the RISE LED.

Smart Pot Fabric Container Review

Smart Pots

Our Smart Pot Fabric Container review is courtesy of the good people of Smart Pots whom we met at the Vancouver Grow Event in 2016. Growing plants in the Smart Pot aeration containers helps develop better root structure. Thicker roots means higher yields, faster growth. They’re made of 100% organic material so nothing harmful leaches into the soil medium.

Double the root mass means higher volume. When the roots reach the side of the fabric root pruning takes place. They will stop at the fabric and begin lateral branching. Roots in plastic containers simply circle around creating issues.  Smart Pot containers stay cooler because air circulates all around the fabric. Temperatures inside plastic pots can reach 120 degrees.

Smart Pots aeration.

Plastic containers hold excess water. Smart Pots allow excess water to escape. Water is distributed evenly. Even water distribution and good drainage results in no more root rot. Healthier plants produce higher yields.

Smart Pot fabric container review.

Smart Pot Fabric Container Review Summary

Smart Pots are better than traditional containers. A higher performance product that creates a superb root system, allows superb temperature control, no over watering, washable, reusable, and creates a better overall healthier higher yielding plant. Our Marijuana Genetics Family has been exclusively using the same Smart Pot Fabric Containers for two years with overwhelming results. The family recommends the technology for all growers.

General Hydroponics Nutrients Review

General Hydroponics

Our General Hydroponics Nutrients review is courtesy of our fine friends from Progressive Growth Hydroponics where they carry the best new technological advancements in growing marijuana. Sifting through the enormous amount of marijuana nutrients on the market can be daunting. Our family has been concentrating on nutrient companies for over 5 years now. The best to date is the General Hydroponics Nutrients line of products. A complete nutrient course for all gardens. Our family found GH to work great in soil or hydroponic applications.

The first noticable detail is the way GH marijuana nutrients dissolve completely in water. Even after leaving GH mixed in water for days the solution remained dissolved. Other nutrient lines seem to build up a nasty sludge. Being very soluable means easier plant absorption for more robust plants. You’ll enjoy quicker flushing at the end of the flowering cycle.

General Hydroponics Nutrients review reveals you can max out the feeding chart. Other nutrient lines tend to produce burnt leaves while the GH products have not. One family member tried to over max a strain of Head Cheese which took the pounding and produced super fat colas. It’s recommended you stay within feeding guidelines for the absolute best results.

General Hydroponics Nutrients Review

General Hydroponics Nutrients Review Summary

I personally love the way General Hydroponics does not throw numerous products at you. Some nutrient companies can show you over ten products to combine. The Marijuana Genetics Family recommends the General Hydroponics line of nutrients for all gardens. The proof is in the final result.