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True North Seedbank


Sensi Star
Northern Light
10 pieces
This is one of the most powerful plants in the world.It's compact, powerful with a good yield and exceptional resin production.
Northern Light # Shiva
10 pieces
This beautyfull mix of kinds,gives you very dense buds.It has got that tasty shiva aroma and a great high.
California Orange Bud
10 pieces
This variety is a good one for those a have not a lot off experience.
Medium strong ,8 weeks flowering
Big bud
10 pieces
This plant is often used for professinal grow! Because the heavy weight of the branches it is advisable to tie up the bottom branches.
10 pieces
This typical dutch variety gives a bud with a high dose of THC.The plant it self stays small!
10 pieces
This Afghani with A STRONG Indica aroma has got a nice and pleasant taste.It's high potency makes it attractive!!
Original Haze
10 pieces
This homogenous Sativa type weed originates from Nepal and contains a high level of THC. Grow it from fertile soil and add nursery supplements to the water. This excellent quality strain grows up to 1,75 meter and is especially loved by musicians around the world.
Northern Light # Haze
10 pieces
These two excellent plants are mixed together to create a first class strain. Give it room so it can grow.
Northern Light # Big Bud
10 pieces
This beautyful mix wil give you a big yield(the reason for crossing this two. Big strong flowers.

10 pieces
The buds of this short and compact plant will be covered with thc!
It produces a sweet smell a great Indoor with high potencial!!
10 pieces (sister white widow)
This short bushy plant has got a strong taste. It produces a big quantity of fruty buds.She's great!
10 pieces
Very hard with snowwhite icey buds a relativly young plant but very powerfull!
White Widow
10 pieces
The most rewarded and the strongest variety of recent years in Holland. The plants are white with THC glands, even on parts of the big fan leaves. A very soft smoke and a great high!!
Blue Berry
10 pieces
This mostly,indica(80%),plant can give you big buds, under good conditions.
The finished product has a very fruity aroma together with the taste of blueberry's it gives a euphoric high.
Bubble Gum
10 pieces
This Famous and stable strain will give buds with a sweet smell and a euphoric high! It will stay short and it will produce compact but heavy buds!!
B 52
10 pieces
For the profesional indoor grower!This superior skunk will give big buds.You will immediatly recognise the sweet sativa influance.

Jack herer
10 pieces
This the pride of Amsterdam.
It will give you an incredible high.
heavy yield


Santa Maria
10 pieces
This 100% pure Indica variety is imported from Afghanistan and produced here in Holland. Characteristic are the big, dark leaves that often turn purple at harvest time and the strong, almost medicinal aroma. Afghani #1 is also known for the very strong physical, practically narcotic high.
Master Kush
10 pieces
A cross between two Hindu-Kush strains. It is known for it's high yield.It has got an excellent taste and strong high.
Top 44
10 pieces
44 days that is al she needs! She is a big favorite in the dutch homegrow world.
Strong and alot of but,she's easy g(r)owing wich makes here perfect for first timers!!
Skunk #1
10 pieces
This plant how gives high and large quality buds is orginally a Indica-Sativa hybrid. An excellent choice for in- and outdoor.