House Great Gardener supplies medical collectives in British Columbia. They’ve been creating marijuana genetics for over a decade. Dedicated to improving patient health. Searching for the marijuana genetics that cures different ailments. This search improves integrity of every strain. I like the way they say they’re “on a journey.” You can take the journey with them.

This breeder supplies the best growers and manufacturers with top quality marijuana. Their strains have won numerous cannabis awards. I personally know of a huge manufacturer growing their Barbara Bud. This company maintains the integrity of marijuana genetics across Canada.

House Great Gardener Types Of Marijuana

The House of the Great Gardener is kynde enough to spread their genetics. You can own them for yourself. Visit their website find where to order right away. You can also click a favorite photograph below to purchase these AAA+++ types.

barbara bud


Barbara Bud is an indica sativa hybrid. Flowering time can be a short 7 weeks. Makes for superb sea of green growing conditions. Winner of cannabis awards. You’ve got to grow it to believe it.

jean guy genetics


Jean Guy is an indica sativa hybrid. Flowering time can be 10 weeks. I have personally been witness to a sea of Jean Guy. Tilray was nice enough to give us a tour of Jean Guy while in the 7 week of flowering. Huge buds with three weeks to go. Wow, nice size tops. Featured in the first marijuana advertisement in the New York Times.

cbd rene genetics


CBD Rene is an indica sativa medical strain. Flowers in 7 to 8 weeks making quick medicine. Designed to help with Anxiety, Crohn’s Disease, Epilepsy, Inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, Seizures, and Spasm. CBD Rene delivers potent CBD at 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. Analysis results: THC 6.17%, CBD 6.38%, CBC 0.35%, CBG 0.24%.


Photographs, quotes and details from on April 18, 2016. Most recent updates are on Facebook page.

Photographs, details from on April 18, 2016.