Cannastick Arter and Dab Mod Nano Review

Thank you Cannastick for the wonderful opportunity to review the Arter and Dab Mod Nano dabbing vapes for wax, shatter and full melt extracts. Two gorgeous affordable vapes everyone should have in their pockets or purses. The Arter is priced at $60.00 while the Nano is $20.00.

Cannastick was Kynde enough to send us these two vapes for our judging experience at a recent High Times Cannabis Cup event in Cowichan BC, a mere twenty minutes away from our house. We really needed these vapes to judge extracts. The other Super VIPs and Judges were pleasantly impressed by the technology. Portability, easy loading and performance lead the way.

Cannastick Arter and Dab Mod Nano Review

After the four day Cannabis Cup event we put these two dab vapes through a 30 day review. Everyday they were used extensively an average of 6 full bowls each. The reality is the superb performance for an affordable price. You definitely get your money’s worth. Finally there are good portable dab vapes that will last. Double coils are always at the mercy of overloading, not these guys. The optional ceramic ovens work just as well as the double coils.

The Arter has a longer life battery which can last up to three days it’s out charging. It has a more open draw weight meaning it’s easier to haul off of, you get a little more air in your toke. When we share the Arter with friends the major consensus is a big toke for any size lungs. People are happy the bowl holds a good amount of extract to accommodate numerous tokes from one session. No heat issues arised.

30 day vaporizer review process.

The Dab Mod Nano has a battery that will last the day. The draw weight is tight, very little air with your toke. Likes smaller dabs than the Arter. Will heat up after four consecutive sessions. Not to worry, most satisfying sessions are one or two bowl fulls, not four. Nice to know it’ll take a pounding, not crap out, and be there for you again and again.

Great vaporizers if you don’t want to carry around glass pipes. The Arter and Dab Mod Nano are superb buys. Get some as Christmas presents for your loved ones. Highly recommended for beginners and experienced Vape heads alike.

We are going beyond the testing limits as we really enjoy using these two dab vapes. They are now everyday fixtures in our lives.

2017 Calgary HempFest

Calgary put on a fantastic two day event at Stampede Park. The 2017 Calgary Hempfest will be in our memories forever because Barb won a joint rolling contest, receiving a nice MGM glass bong for her one handed victory and we met wonderful new people.

Rocky Mountains

We drove from Vancouver Island, through the mountains to Calgary. The scenery is outstanding in the Rocky Mountains. Experienced every type of weather in sun, rain, snow, hail, clouds and windy conditions, plus we drove through two active avalanche areas.

2017 Calgary Hempfest

The Calgary Hempfest exposed the need for more growing equipment manufacturers to attend these events. There were all of two lighting companies showing off new technology. Fertilizer companies are not our favourite industry because of marketing techniques applied to the public. Most events attendees sifted through numerous head shops. We ended up buying two cool glass bongs, an electric grinder and 420 Wipes. Wow there is a ton of new paraphernalia to see these days.

2017 Best Sativa

Barb and I were judges at a recent High Times Cannabis Cup. We never knew who owned what cannabis entry because they were only numbered. To our surprise we ran into the winner of the best Sativa category. We got to smoke that winning weed.

We spent time listening to Dana Larsen talk about activism. Everyone should do a small part to create the industry we need to be a part of in the future. Another speaker was the CEO of SunDial, a large producer. They are going to try to take over the grow market. We’re hoping they make room for the craft growers of the world.

Our best connection to the cannabis growing industry came through the GrowTronics company. They had a new laser light technology we may receive the chance to use and review. That would be exciting to be one of the first growers to experience another new lighting technology.

Calgary Stampede Park

Special thanks goes out to Calgary for allowing such a great event to take place in their great city.

Roztek Rosin Press

The Roztek Rosin Press is used for accurately pressing marijuana extracts. Digital controls make extracting essential oils a fun experience. Superb engineering at a very affordable price. Thank you Rosin Tech Products.

Winner High Times Cannabis Cup Best Product

Roztek Rosin Press Review

Enjoy the most organic all natural way to press rosin out of marijuana without using solvents or chemicals. Digital controls allow you to dial in the correct temperature and pressing time for the particular strain of marijuana in your possession.

A laser digital thermometer revealed onboard temperature values are true readings. No worries concerning heat increase over time. Go ahead and press continuously with consistency.

Handles the pressure a 300 pound man can place on it. Easy enough for a petite woman to press out rosin. The heating plates are not going to crush inwards like hair straighteners do. The price is super low compared to big presses. Does a great job giving you a high percentage return on the weight of your marijuana. Manual, hydraulic or pneumatic always leave too much waste behind. The Roztek Equinox rosin press saves you money, time and effort.

Super high THC content in every press leaves people happy. The Roztek Equinox Rosin Press is a great marijuna product every rosin tech should own.

2016 Vancouver April 420 Celebration

Our 2016 Vancouver April 420 celebration kicks off with a 2 hour ferry boat ride from Vancouver Island to Vancouver city. Everyone on the ferry is lighting up marijuana with no repercussions from boat staff. At least 200 people are enjoying the 420 morning wake and bake, all aboard.

April 420 Vancouver

The celebration ramps up at Sunset Beach as Mounties go by while we puff doobies. No one is bothered about their marijuana lifestyle choice. Legalize marijuana flags fly everywhere reminding people of the journey ahead. High level speakers taunt us with truthful rhetoric instead of uneducated emotion.

Legalize Marijuana

We’re here pretty early in the morning and people are already enjoying the festivities. The beach is laden with vendor booths selling all kyndes of marijuana products. Free dabs are flowing to anyone brave enough to partake. Joints are being passed around to perfect strangers. Perfect best describes the happy attitudes and soothing emotions people display with each other. Super brain electricity describes the energetic atmosphere.

2016 Vancouver April 420 Celebration

We were at this event for over 6 hours encountering pure joy/happiness. Not one negatively raised voice, nary a squabble. If you ever want to enjoy yourself at an event please experience an April 420 event.

2015 Tilray Marijuana Factory Tour

Butterflies with dry mouth signify an excited first date driving to the Tilray factory. A beautiful scenic property reveals itself. Woods, ocean, mountains and meadows invoke an artistic feeling. A clean crisp factory building says”Hello”. Security sets the standard of the visit. No cannabis smells outdoors because of odor minimizing technology. One step inside the building is an unmistakable lovely smell. We can’t move. The odor makes the brain feel good. No where on earth have we experienced such an entrance.

2015 Tilray Marijuana Factory Tour

Philippe Lucas, Vice President of Patient Research & Services, introduces himself. He’s our tour guide. Never knew the man before this day. During the visit he was happy, friendly, informative, helpful and experienced. He set the social standard as everyone we encountered wore a smile. To follow-up after our visit we studied Philippe’s political, educational and business background. We have a new hero in our personal midst.

Security levels made us feel comfortable. 130 employees feel a safe working environment. Sanitary conditions are impeccable. Attention to fine detail is the first impression inside the 60,000 sq. ft. property.

The Tilray Vault

The tour really begins on top of the Tilray Vault. Basically right in the middle of the main building. Walls of 8″ concrete means no one is getting their cannabis. The top of the Vault served as a central hub of information. Charts showed growth timelines for the next four months. You could visualize the entire life of cannabis from clones, vegetative growth, flowering, harvesting, trimming, packaging and storage. You could feel the expertise placed into the timelines. Other charts showed some CBD research information. New self pruning potters were being examined. Research was being performed every stop of the tour.

Sanitary with security protocol is strictly followed before entering any room. The clone room was getting ready for new inventory. Philippe let us know clones maintain the integrity of cannabis genetics. Each clone was placed 7 to 10 days in a peat puck. They then get transferred to 4″ cubes of coconut based fibre. The clone leaves were cut in half to facilitate improved growth. Lighting was LED systems. The atmosphere felt so comfortable. Sometimes you can tell just by walking into a grow room if the atmosphere is correct. Philippe let us know Tilray has over 50 strains and counting. A new Marley strain is about to be announced. Their best strain to date could be Skywalker OG testing at 29.8% THC.

Next stop was the 24×48 sq. ft. grow/flowering room. A full sea of green greeted our excited minds. To the left some Jack Herer sativa. To the right some Jean Guy indica. Both cannabis strains are around 7 weeks flowering time. Nice big arm sized buds are everywhere. Philippe moves a row of hundreds of cannabis plants with one hand. He makes a 2 foot lane way to walk down. Dan walks down the lane way to the middle of the room. He does a slow 360 degree turn. The smile gets bigger as he rotates. All I really see is his head moving in a circle around a sea of cannabis flower tops. I tell him to we have to move on. We notice every inch of space is utilized. Philippe explains plant size, atmosphere, fertilizer, watering and pest control techniques. We can tell he’s simply letting us know the tip of the information iceberg. Some of our questions were met with a proprietary silent answer which was quite understandable. We respected that.

We could not enter any drying and harvesting rooms. Philippe let us know they hang the plant up whole to dry. Trimming dry buds leads to less trichrome breakdown. We were allowed a look into the trimming room. We were allowed to see an automated trimmer. The machine trimmed the buds onto a conveyor belt. Buds came out in a nice line. Workers then visually inspected every nugget. Hand trimming was performed where necessary.

The Vault greets us. The people inside are all smiling. They’re weighing and packaging medical cannabis. Bins of cannabis are stacked to the ceiling. We call it the wall of cannabis. White Widow, Master Kush, Jean Guy, Barbara Bud are a few of the names marked on the bins. So many names of cannabis makes the mind dizzy. We’re told Master Kush is the number one seller. They’ve got a cannabis blend at $4.00 per gram. The highest quality medicine goes for $15.00 per gram. There will be a medical cannabis in your price range. There’s ongoing research and development around every corner. They track prepared cannabis. Every bit of weight is important. Health Canada ensures they account for every gram of missing weight. Medicine is sold in 1-5-10-15 gram packs. Tilray will ship up to 150 grams per month.

The cannabis products are only available through mail order. No matter how much you order the shipping box is one universal size. You get a free grinder with free rolling tray when you sign up. Products come in jars or sealed child proof package. You can’t see the cannabis inside the sealed package. The strain information with THC levels and therapeutic effects are clearly marked. First time orders get 50.00 free medicine. Senior and low income discounts are available.

Philippe ended the tour with a complimentary gourmet lunch. We forgot to tell him we are gluten free people. The first thing Philippe said “Some of the food is gluten free if that matters”. During the delicious lunch we talked about first time encounters with medical cannabis. Our first encounter was a young friend with cancer going through chemotherapy. He was so thin from not being able to eat. We had to introduce medical cannabis to him out of desperation. After smoking joints during chemotherapy his appetite returned. In our eyes cannabis saved his life. Philippe let us know his first encounter was himself. I bet you everyone who reads this has a real first story to tell. These days no one is exempt.

Through all the impressions, good feelings, wonderful smells, thorough research and expert employees one thing rang out crystal clear. Tilray is truly about helping people. Thank you Tilray, Philippe Lucas, security people, employees and the chef for the “good” life long lasting memories.

The Personal Vault

by Dan

A few hours went by after the Tilray tour. I found myself twirling 3 year old granddaughter Emily around in my arms like an air plane. She was flying free, legs kicking, singing, trusting, creating new memories, and making a spiritual connection through this simple act. I realized I was matching her state of mind with my own Tilray experience.

Back in the 1980’s I was arrested, convicted and jailed 30 days for possession of cannabis oil. My first ever offence. The judge told me cannabis was going to negatively effect my future children, grandchildren and generations to come. My mother kept a local newspaper clipping of the courtroom proceedings and what the judge said. For decades I lived with parental stigma of getting busted. There was a daily punishment reminder somehow. I’m not mad or angry about the Judge’s statement back in the day.

This is an unimaginable day to reverse old time memories from over 30 years ago. My granddaughter is going to be all right. Children now use cannabis CBD as medicine. I can legally buy medical cannabis over the counter. I’m truly happy. It happened when I was twirling around in the middle of the sea of green in flowering room at Tilray. The cannabis truth has materialized with science and research. The 360 rotation I did in the Tilray sea of green matches Emily’s air plane ride. I feel free, vindicated, new world excited and happy. I’m simply one person thanking Tilray for a positive life changing experience. This was more than a visit. The 2015 Tilray marijuana factory tour was a spiritual awakening.

It’s fabulous to realize medical cannabis is now helping children to seniors alike. Helping a child stop seizures is priceless. Helping a chemotherapy patient maintain an appetite is good medicine. We’re happy to see marijuana business transactions become professionally handled from clone to end product. People need organic natural medicine. 20 years ago my friend Preston was my first encounter with cannabis as medicine. Do you remember yours?

2017 High Times Cannabis Cup Lake Cowichan

2017 High Times Cannabis Cup Lake Cowichan BC

We had a fantastic time at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup in Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada. The event was from August 23rd to 27th on Vancouver Island for the first time. The photo above is of the Super VIP section were we are in the middle with the cowboy hat and King Kola t-shirt. We were also public judges of dry herbs, extracts and edibles. Wow they were very “high” days.

2017 Cannabis Cup judges swag bag.

High Times management treated us like kings and queens of cannabis. Morning wake and bakes presented the finest time of day. Good food, good people and fantastic piles of joints to smoke. Meeting great people establishing new connections was exciting times.

Cannabis Cup entries, indica, sativa and hybrid dry herbs.

Music venues included 5 Alarm Funk, Wyclef, plus Arrest and Development. Super VIP’s had our own section in the shade right beside the stage. Superb vantage points for every show.

Vendors were giving out free dabs. We managed to get some free swag bags full of excellent products. Camping was hot in the day and cool at night. So many campers were having the time of their lives.

2017 CanabisCannabis Cup LakeTown Ranch camp grounds day one.

Thank you High Times for making this event a total pleasure. We will return if the Cannabis Cup returns.

Aurora Nuglaces

Aurora Nuglaces are marijuana buds solidified, beautified and mounted on a necklace hoop. Get your favorite buds immortalized forever. The creator/inventor named Aurora has found a proprietary method. The flower tops are hardened with a clear patented substance known only to Aurora. She puts love into each nuglace. Surprise the marijuana lover in your life and get yours today.

Aurora Nuglaces

Vegan White Lighting Nuglace

Happy nuglace owner.

My nuglace pictured above is a vegan grown White Lighting strain of marijuana. I got mine at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup in Cowichan. Aurora is a wonderful person who creates works of art. My nuglace is sturdy enough to stay together even after I forget to take it off to sleep. Everyone stops to stare and says, “That’s beautiful, where do I get my own nuglace?”.

Contact Aurora directly by text 250-885-7842 or by email


Cannastick Dab Mod Vape Review

Our Cannastick Dab Mod vape review is courtesy of the fine folks from Cannastick. A superbly designed dab vape. We’ve had two Cannastick Dab Mod vapes for over two years. They’ve survived numerous parties, fals, slams, and one two story fall off of a roof. One of our reviewers is a roofer who takes the unit to irk. One day while taking a break two stories high, the Cannastick fell to the cement ground below. No damage other than scraps. The vape started right way and he still has is operating today. We just used it during a frisbee golf day. Everyone enjoys taking dabs from the Cannastick.

The battery is long life and charges quickly so you can use it all day long. The oven chamber stay relatively clean with daily attention. The mouthpiece is glass with a smooth delivery system. The air path is tight to accommodate full dab hits.

You turn on the unit by placing your finger on the bottom end to engage. This feature makes is comfortable to operate in the hand. Easy performance leads to fun.

Cannastick Dab Mode vape review.

Cannastick Dab Mode Vape Review Summary

The Cannastick Dab Mod vape review reveals an outstanding portable extract vaporizer. Over two years our vapes have lasted while still performing strong. We recommend this vaporizer for extract lovers of all kyndes. Prices are adorable and worth the value.

Boundless Vaporizers Review

Our Boundless Vaporizers review is courtesy of the good people at Boundless Technology. The CFX and CF vaporizer models are excellent dry herb units. They possess super fat heat up times of 20 seconds or less. The oven chamber is sized to hold enough dry herb for more than one person. The draw weight is comfortable through the fully isolated air path. No heat issues on the lips. Have as many sessions in a row as your heart desires.

The battery lasts at least 20 three minute sessions. Charging time is around an hour. The engine is a powerful 80 watts. More than enough power to vaporizer any strain of cannabis.

It’s summer right now and there’s a smoking/fire ban outside. But you can still vaporize.

Boundless Vaporizers Review

Boundless Vaporizers Review Summary

Excellent overall rating recommends the Boundless Vaporizer Technology for any vape head. I personally have kept the two vaporizers for over 18 months and they still perform admirably. They are used every single day without fail. It’s hard to find a vape worth the money. Thank you Boundless Technology.

Haze V3 Dual Oven Vape Review

Our Haze V3 Dual Vape review is courtesy of the superb people from Haze Technologies. We’re talking about the best dual oven vaporizer on the market today. Load up extracts in one chamber and dry herb in the other. Flexibility with portability means fun vape experiences. Our team of reviewers freaked out on dual oven chambers.

The batteries, comes with two, charge in a scant hour or so. The battery life is outstanding. The combination makes for a full day of vaporizing wherever you find yourself.

The oven chambers come with convection and conduction screens. Enables you to adjust the draw intake to suit your lung capacity. Cleaning is easy with a little cotton swab and alcohol.

The mouthpiece hides inside the unit until you’re ready for use. Comes with metal or glass intakes. The air path is tight creating a good intake.

Haze V3 Dual Oven Vape Review Summary

We’ve had our Haze V3 for over 12 months. The batteries are still performing, the ovens stay effective with diligent cleaning. The option of loading multiple cannabis products is unique to the industry. We highly recommend purchasing the Haze V3 Dual Oven vape.