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True North Seedbank

Marijuana Genetics from Africa, shared information from the world wide web. The following are 100% sativa genetics.

Swazi Rooi Bart is 100% Cannabis Sativa, producing characteristic tall slender plants. Female heads have characteristic red hairs - 'rooi bart' or red beard. High yields, big buds loaded with THC. Acknowledged as some of the finest from Southern Africa. Flowering Period Outdoors - 10-14 weeks (out)-condition dependent 8-11weeks(in) Height 2-4m(6-12ft) Yields 20-30oz (600-1000gms) AF001.jpg
Swazi Skunk is exclusively inbred, never hybridized, 100% sativa. Buds are long with lots of resin, high yields. Seeds selected from special growers in Swaziland. The 'high' will knock your socks off. Still natural, not chemical like some of the other skunk hybrids on the market. Also does well under artificial light. Large bushy plants. Flowering Period Outdoors - 8-12weeks (out)-condition dependent 8-11weeks (in) Height 2-4m(6-12ft) Yields 20-30oz (600-1000gms  AF002.jpg 
Durban Poison strain is famous throughout the world. Non hybridized sativa. Not only confined to Natal, but grown widely across South Africa leading to variable quality. Our seeds selected only from experienced growers giving consistent 'kick ass' plants loaded with resin. Flowering Period Outdoors - 9-13weeks (out)-condition dependent 8-10weeks (in) Height 2-4m(6-12ft) Yields 20-30oz (600-1000gms)  AF003.jpg 
Durban Poison - Natural - Outdoors / Indoors Specially selected seeds from crops grown in the wild, these seeds will give consistently good sativa plants with high yields and large buds. Nice herbal taste and strong 'physical high'. Also good indoor results. Flowering Period Outdoors - 9-13weeks(out)-condition dependent 8-10weeks (in) Height 2-4m(6-12ft) Yields 20-30oz (600-1000gms) AF004.jpg
Malawi Gold is famed by travelers across Africa for its potent 'up high' and mythical gold color. The 100% sativa ganja tops are bound tightly in banana leaf and cured to form the well known Malawi 'cob'. High yields from big buds loaded with THC. These are wild seeds selected from some of the most learned cannabis growers in Malawi. Best grown outdoors, high germination rates.   AF005.jpg 
Zambian Copper Like the metal that gave Zambia its life blood, Zambian copper gave the country its character. Grown widely across the plateau regions of the copper belt this is a sub strain similar to Malawi but faster flowering. Large branched plants, darker foliage, buds laden with white /red tipped hairs, very large resin coated seed pouches. Strong kickass high similar to Malawi. Does well in cooler outdoor climates than Malawi gold. Flowering Period Outdoors - 8-12weeks (out)-condition dependent 8 weeks (in -behind glass) Height 2-4m(6-12ft) Yields - Out 20-30oz (600-1000gms) Yields - In 2-3oz   AF006.jpg 
Ethiopian Highland Considered the finest in the world by the ruling Empress Zauditu and RasTafari who became the Emperor Haile Selassie this pure sativa comes direct from the ancient land of Ethiopia in what we believe is a world first. Cultivated and inbred by his latter day followers in the city of Shashemene this sativa grows well at altitude and in cooler climates. Buds typically long sativa with visible resin droplets providing a clear energetic high. Plants are shorter, branched and stockier than the tall bushy southern African types. Does well indoors especially behind glass. Flowering Period Outdoors - 8-12 weeks (out)-(condition dependent) 8 weeks (in-behind glass) Height 1.5-2m(4.5-6ft) Yields - Out 10-15oz (3-500gms) Yields - In 1-2oz    AF007.jpg 
Kariba Surprise-Zimbabwe
The sun sets over the mightily Zambezi river, a fish eagle dips majestically over the water, a herd of elephant join buffalo to drink, in the distance a lion roars. Here in one of Africa's last Eden live the Butoka people. Untouched by civilization, uninfluenced by government they have continued their culture of growing and smoking for many centuries. Plants heaviliy branched, tall, long red and white haired buds up to 2ft long. High THC, CBD absent. Energetic, electric high. Prefers hot outdoor conditions with plenty of water. Very mold resistant.  
Flowering Period Outdoors -  10-14 weeks (out)-(condition dependent) Height 3-4m(9-12ft) Yields 20-30oz (600-1000gms)
Tanzanian Magic- outdoor/indoor
Original seed stock from the highland tea growing region in southern tanzania, this short fast flowering sativa gives short stocky plants with sticky compact buds. Leaves pencil slim. Suited well to indoor growing under lights or behind glass, flowering starts in 4 weeks with large bud formation in 8-10weeks. Good for cooler outdoor climates. Very potent electric high.
Flowering Period Outdoors -  6-8 weeks (out)-condition dependent
4-6 (in) weeks Height 1-3 ft Yields - Out 3-4oz Yields - In 1oz