Ardent Nova Decarboxylator

Ardent precision Decarboxylator.

The Ardent Precision Decarboxylator produced fantastic results in our review process. A laser digital thermometer proved the internal temperature claims are accurate. A 40x bud magnifier proved the trichromes were still intact. The decarboxylated weed always came out the same consistency. Precision is definitely the proper product description.

Forget using an unreliable oven. An oven’s temperature fluctuates too much which can create trichrome degradation. Spills are a possibility. The Ardent brings the decarboxylization process into today’s technology.

I use the Ardent to make my own glycerites (vegetable glycerin tincture). Glycerites are water soluble. I can add it to my medicine to drinks, desserts, meals, snacks. Very fast acting and potent because of decarboxylation.

Thank you Ardent for the opportunity to experience the proper way to decarboxylate cannabis.

AutoPot Watering System

Thank you Jason for the opportunity to use the AutoPot watering system. The self watering system is easy to set up for hydroponic or soil growing. In this case we utilized SoHum living soil. AutoPots and SoHum go hand in hand for the easiest garden maintenance. All you have to do is check the water pH levels. No additives of any kind are needed. No measuring out numerous nutrient or fertilizer combinations. This is the ultimate grow set up for the gardener who has a busy lifestyle not being able to properly maintain there plants. AutoPots and SoHum living soil will do it  all for you. Fill up the reservoir and simply watch gravity go to work for you. Saves time, money and reduces water consumption.

AutoPot Flex Tank comes in numerous sizes.

Utilizing two grow tents with one Flex Tank.

Double D OG

Double D OG with a week to go before maturity.

Cherry Lime OG in a scrog garden.

We went a step farther and set up the AutoPot watering system into two side by side 4×4 Gorilla Grow Tents. One tent used 600w MH/HPS lighting and the other tent used 1000W Rise LED lighting.

The utter joy is the ability to set up as many AutoPots as you need.

The end result is what everyone wants to know. The following photo (left side tent) is Cherry Lime OG from Aficionado Seeds, thanks Mean G and Judah. The terpenes just seep out at you. You can taste the smell. The CannaDX was used to test the end result after curing, receiving a 24.55% THC reading. Not  bad for a 4×4 Gorilla grow tent environment.

Cherry Lime grown in the AutoPot watering system.

The following photo (right side tent) is Double D OG. This lovely strain tested at   24.01% THC.

Double D OG from Vancouver Island.