Cannastick Arter and Dab Mod Nano Review

Thank you Cannastick for the wonderful opportunity to review the Arter and Dab Mod Nano dabbing vapes for wax, shatter and full melt extracts. Two gorgeous affordable vapes everyone should have in their pockets or purses. The Arter is priced at $60.00 while the Nano is $20.00.

Cannastick was Kynde enough to send us these two vapes for our judging experience at a recent High Times Cannabis Cup event in Cowichan BC, a mere twenty minutes away from our house. We really needed these vapes to judge extracts. The other Super VIPs and Judges were pleasantly impressed by the technology. Portability, easy loading and performance lead the way.

Cannastick Arter and Dab Mod Nano Review

After the four day Cannabis Cup event we put these two dab vapes through a 30 day review. Everyday they were used extensively an average of 6 full bowls each. The reality is the superb performance for an affordable price. You definitely get your money’s worth. Finally there are good portable dab vapes that will last. Double coils are always at the mercy of overloading, not these guys. The optional ceramic ovens work just as well as the double coils.

The Arter has a longer life battery which can last up to three days it’s out charging. It has a more open draw weight meaning it’s easier to haul off of, you get a little more air in your toke. When we share the Arter with friends the major consensus is a big toke for any size lungs. People are happy the bowl holds a good amount of extract to accommodate numerous tokes from one session. No heat issues arised.

30 day vaporizer review process.

The Dab Mod Nano has a battery that will last the day. The draw weight is tight, very little air with your toke. Likes smaller dabs than the Arter. Will heat up after four consecutive sessions. Not to worry, most satisfying sessions are one or two bowl fulls, not four. Nice to know it’ll take a pounding, not crap out, and be there for you again and again.

Great vaporizers if you don’t want to carry around glass pipes. The Arter and Dab Mod Nano are superb buys. Get some as Christmas presents for your loved ones. Highly recommended for beginners and experienced Vape heads alike.

We are going beyond the testing limits as we really enjoy using these two dab vapes. They are now everyday fixtures in our lives.

2017 Calgary HempFest

Calgary put on a fantastic two day event at Stampede Park. The 2017 Calgary Hempfest will be in our memories forever because Barb won a joint rolling contest, receiving a nice MGM glass bong for her one handed victory and we met wonderful new people.

Rocky Mountains

We drove from Vancouver Island, through the mountains to Calgary. The scenery is outstanding in the Rocky Mountains. Experienced every type of weather in sun, rain, snow, hail, clouds and windy conditions, plus we drove through two active avalanche areas.

2017 Calgary Hempfest

The Calgary Hempfest exposed the need for more growing equipment manufacturers to attend these events. There were all of two lighting companies showing off new technology. Fertilizer companies are not our favourite industry because of marketing techniques applied to the public. Most events attendees sifted through numerous head shops. We ended up buying two cool glass bongs, an electric grinder and 420 Wipes. Wow there is a ton of new paraphernalia to see these days.

2017 Best Sativa

Barb and I were judges at a recent High Times Cannabis Cup. We never knew who owned what cannabis entry because they were only numbered. To our surprise we ran into the winner of the best Sativa category. We got to smoke that winning weed.

We spent time listening to Dana Larsen talk about activism. Everyone should do a small part to create the industry we need to be a part of in the future. Another speaker was the CEO of SunDial, a large producer. They are going to try to take over the grow market. We’re hoping they make room for the craft growers of the world.

Our best connection to the cannabis growing industry came through the GrowTronics company. They had a new laser light technology we may receive the chance to use and review. That would be exciting to be one of the first growers to experience another new lighting technology.

Calgary Stampede Park

Special thanks goes out to Calgary for allowing such a great event to take place in their great city.