Marijuana Caregiving and Growing

Welcome, Marijuana Genetics is all about people using plants for physical, emotional and spiritual protection. Marijuana receptors are in everyone’s DNA since human evolution. Marijuana is packed with essential nutrients and healing properties.

We are Marijuana Caregivers and Growers who love matching (interpening) marijuana genetics to your medical ailments and recreational needs. Growing different strains of marijuana realizing the nuisances is fascinating. We love studying growing products to keep up to the burgeoning industry. We can sift through all the names of marijuana by testing marijuana to study indica, sativa and hybrid chemical compositions.

We love to help people, especially seniors, begin their path to wellness. We want to fully work and participate in the marijuana industry as it approaches critical mass.

You may not be in peak health unless you consume marijuana from time to time.

We can find a suitable product for you, grow marijuana for you, help you grow your own, troubleshoot issues, explain consumption methods, make your favourite edibles. Whatever you need we’re here to help. Seniors are welcomed to start their journey to wellness.