Marijuana Genetics Family

Marijuana Genetics Family
Marijuana Genetics Family from Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

Marijuana Genetics welcomes you with open arms. Our family will help educate and heal. August 24th, 2016 is here. Health Canada has decreed qualified medical cannabis applicants can grow their own medical marijuana. Canadians can grow 5 plants indoors with an additional two plants outdoors. You also have the choice to have someone produce your marijuana for you.

Let’s set up your new indoor or outdoor garden. We’ll evaluate your growing environment then create your personal garden. You can earn extra income with dry herb, extracts and edibles you don’t use.

We can produce your marijuana for you. Or we find a qualified designated marijuana producer for you. Maybe you’d like to be a designated grower for someone in need. Earn extra income growing what you love.

No worries, we can travel to you. Our professionals are ready to visit your ideas. We’ll let you know where to start.

Contact to begin a growing relationship.

Medical Marijuana

Not into growing your own medicine? Thousands of types of marijuana alleviate hundreds of different ailments. Our experts directly help you match your medical needs with a particular marijuana strain. Education offered on all necessary start-up information, marijuana strains, ailments, vaporizers, glass rigs, extracts, edibles, capsules, CBD and THC content. Allow our family to simplify your life.

Post Your Own Marijuana Genetics

Post your own marijuana genetics. Create your own review with content and photographs. Place your own stamp on your own brand. There’s the potential you could earn extra income.  Marijuana is a billion dollar industry gaining momentum towards critical mass. Create Your Own Genetic Post to get started.

Marijuana Genetics Integrity

Many believe historical genetic integrity will remain intact. We strive to find gurus, growers, crafters, breeders, and manufacturers. They possess the scientifically secured marijuana DNA.

Our interest in marijuana science concentrates on a 3d visualization of the cannabis world. Phylos Bioscience is mapping cannabis DNA. The Phylos Galaxy presentation is outstanding. You’ve never seen cannabis like this. Have your own genetics mapped to take your place in the Galaxy.

We love to follow Ed Rosenthal the grandfather guru of marijuana. A man’s marijuana experience which our main beliefs are based upon.

For growing marijuana we love to follow Jorge Cervantes. Free educational resources. All you can possible learn about marijuana growing.

Socially we love to follow the Prince of Pot Marc Emery on Facebook. It’s a pleasure to have him share his life with everyone. A heart warming experience awaits. Marc’s right on the front lines of marijuana integrity.

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada marijuana genetics.
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada marijuana genetics.