Marijuana Genetics attends industry seminars, grow events, cannabis cup events, seeking out innovation and technology in a new exciting market place. We are product reviewers, test growers and judges. Our experience can help you match marijuana genetics to your personal needs or medical conditions. Our grow experts are ready to help you grow your own cannabis or find a suitable product to purchase.

Testing Marijuana Genetics

Trust and verify what you put in your mind and body. Get your marijuana genetic profile tested for free. Identify the chemical composition of your weed. Great for labelling products. Superb for following the growth progress and maturity of your plants. Learn to find the right marijuana for your feelings and ailments. Our new testing process will accurately identify THC, CBD, and other cannbinoids and terpenes. The procedure will also tell you what other strains of marijuana match the test profile. Best of all the test is free. Learn more about testing marijuana.

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