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Everyone can post their own marijuana genetics for the world to view. Create history in the marijuana world. Just send in photos of your weed, tell what it's all about, parental combination, genetic history, new history, geographical location, nutes, harvesting technique, and more. There are thousands of marijuana companies and individual marijuana breeders who want to share with you and it's all right here. This is great free advertising if you're into selling marijuana.

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Welcome to Marijuana Genetics database direct from the unique marijuana breeders and growers from around the world. Marijuana genetics concern the parental combination of marijuana strains. Discover and share information about marijuana genetic materials that increase the THC potency in the marijuana plant strain base. Here you will find thousands of marijuana pictures, marijuana genetic descriptions, medical marijuana genetics, medical marijuana strains, autoflower and feminized marijuana seeds aka female marijuana seeds.

Vancouver Island marijuana genetics
Master kush marijuana grown under new LED lighting system.

In 1998 the Dutch Passion company made a major breakthrough in marijuana seed technology through the development of feminized marijuana seeds. Hybrid is a term used to describe marijuana plant offspring produced by crossbreeding two different ‘true-breeding’ parents. True-breeding marijuana plants will produce true to type if reproduced from their own seeds, so different generations will share similar characteristics. True-breeding strains are either: (1) Pure-breeds: traditional land races that have only interbred with similar strains and so have almost identical genes or (2) Stabilized Hybrids: Hybrids that have been created by breeders but then continually inbred until their marijuana plant characteristics are stabilized from generation to generation. F1 denotes that the seeds or marijuana plants have two true-breeding parents. The crossing of marijuana genetics produces marijuana plants whose characteristics won't be the same as the original true-breeding marijuana parents, though they may share some.

Autoflower is the latest craze in the gene pool experiment. A growing number of cannabis strains now produce female plants no matter of climate change, fertilizer change, light cycle manipulation or the like to produce the flowering stage. This type of strain base will flower quickly under most any conditions. Great for the small garden that needs to produce buds fast.

Integrity is the key to good marijuana genetics. Many believe integrity will remain with regular marijuana seeds. This domain will not list resellers, they can have huge inventory from many different breeders. We will only list actual breeders/growers who possess the actual marijuana genetics of particular strains or companies. Marijuana genetic descriptions will be accurate and unbiased information about indica, sativa, marijuana, cannabis, ganja, pot, weed and hemp from source websites, newspapers, magazines, social media and human experience. Search marijuana genetics by country menu to the left. There are literally thousands of names of marijuana genetics from thousands of sources.