Marijuana receptors are in everyone’s DNA since human evolution. Cannabis is packed with essential nutrients and healing properties. We match marijuana genetics to your recreational needs and medical conditions. Our new cannabis testing technology simplifies finding the right strain of cannabis for you. We find the right types of marijuana to relieve pain, fight depression, relieve stress, relieve PMS symptoms, sleep better, increase appetite, create happy feelings, boost energy, stimulate sexual desire, and increase creativity. We’re ready to find a suitable product for you, grow marijuana for you, help you grow your own and explain consumption methods. Marijuna edibles are fast becoming popular. Whatever you need we’re here to help. Pets are welcomed.

You may not be in peek health unless you consume marijuana from time to time.


Hello, we are a husband and wife team of marijuana consultants, growers, reviewers, testers, judges and best of all consumers. We have our Canadian legal medical licences to buy, possess and grow marijuana. Check out the social links, review links, and guru links below to find out more about us and what we can do for you. Feel free to contact us anytime to see what’s growing.

Online Genetic Dispensary Coming Summer 2018

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